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get her face to face and simply work things out

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Q: What should you do if you both like each other but you don't have her yet?
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Should girls makeout with each other if they are both straight but both like each other?

dont mean to break ur bubble but ur not straight if u like the same sex...ur bi-sexual or bi curious or lesbian...if u like each other then its fine.

You both like each other but he is ignoring you now as he don't want any commitment?

you should ignore him too. dont fall for a guy that will ignore you. let him chase after you, dont chase after him

I have strong legs and want to try sports i are very fast at swimming and i am a girl what sport should i choose not track?

You should do both as long as they dont clash with each other.

Is it ok to be friends with two people that don't get on with each other?

yes. just because two people dont or cant get on or get along with each other it doesnt mean you cant be friends with both people that dont get on with each other.

How should protestants and catholics view each other?

They should view each other equal because there both just human.

A girl and you both like each other and you dont know what to do?

either one of you has to go up to each other and say how you really feel.

What should you do if your parents dont get along your long term partner?

If you are gay, you both should show your parents how much you love each other by doing a lover's suicide. If you are straight, eloupe.

What do you do if you still love your ex boyfriend and he still loves you but both of you dont do anything about it?

If you both truly love each other then you should both discuss how u feel and why you broke up. then maybe you will get back together and both be happy

How do you deal with height differences in a relationship?

you dont need to as long as you both love each other

Are a Virgo girl and an aquarias guy compatible?

personally, i dont think that your zodiac sign should depend on how you feel about people so if you both like each other dont blame anything on the month you were born in.

If someone likes you and we both like each other what should I do?

make out

How can you be on its me or the dog?

My husband should. The both are so devoted to each other.

What or how should i talk to my boyfriend about if i am in high school and we both like each other and have been dating for about 1 and a half months?

Just try to keep it casual, and dont push it cuz u dont want him to freak out...

Why do men always have to listen to women?

they dont a heathly relastionship is one were they both have to listen to each other

What should you do if a girl likes you and you like her back and you both know it?

If you both like each other and both of you know y'all like each other. The best you can do is go and ask her out and see what happens from there.

How far should a computer be from a computer?

computers dont really have to be that far away from each other. people may think that it will cause a reaction, but computers dont really need to be that far from each other. they could be stacked on top of each other, or side to side.

What should you do when your husband cheating on you?

if you know for sure ask him why and tell him its better to be honest that you should tell each other everything and have an open relationship with honesty and trust and tell each other how you feel you find that with an open relationship you will not be cheating on each other because you will both tell each other everything and you both will be closer and happy

What should you do if you and your best friend makeout?

Well if you are both single and love each other then you should date

What should you do if you and your best friend like each other and you are both gay?

then u two should be together.

Do spiders talk to each other?

i think they dont talk to each other but they communicate to each other

How do you hook someone up with someone else?

This is a very tricky thing to do and should not be done if you do not have experience. but what you do is you 1. make sure both people like each other. 2. tell them both they have a secret admirer 3. send something from one of them to each other and vise versa 4. then got them to go to the movies but they dont know each other is going and volia Please add other ideas here:

How often should two people over 40 who have been dating for three years see each other?

Hello? You are both adults, are you not? You should see each other as often as you both desire. If you are still dating and don't know how often you should see each other then maybe you should consider moving on because this relationship is going nowhere fast.

Should I go out with a guy if you both like each other?

a go out with him if he's buying

Should Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger have dated?

No, both of them hate each other.

What is dont stop believin about?

Don't Stop Believin' is about 2 young strangers looking for each other,and both believe that they can hold their feeling of finding each other/that they will find each other someday.That's what I think this ah-mazing song is about!