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You should research online articles and watch videos of different arts. Reading books about Martial Arts is good too; we'd recommend a handbook of martial arts by Fay Goodman if you're into something like jeet kune do, but most likely there is someone in your area who practices martial arts, so try to find someone who can teach you until you can find a class to attend (they don't have to be a 6th-dan blackbelt master).

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Q: What should you do if you're desperate to learn real martial arts but can't take classes?
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What is the superior martial arts style?

It isn't the style, it is the practitioner that is the key. When choosing a style, each person should look at why they want to learn a martial art, and also at their own physical build to determine what martial art would be best for them to learn. Some people will even take sample classes in several different martial arts before they find the one that is the best fit for them.

Are there online Aikido classes?

You cannot learn a martial art from a video, you need to work with a qualified instructor in person to truly learn an art.

What kind of art classes should you take if you want to learn how to draw?

You should take sketching classes or drawing classes if you would like to learn how to draw.

What are some ninja tricks and how can you do them?

Ninja moves are very similar to Karate or Martial Arts, if you want to learn these, I suggest you take Martial Art Classes. Good Luck.

How do you learn the human body's weak points?

you usually have to take like martial arts classes but you can just google it.

What classes should one take to become a website developer?

To become a website developer you should take classes to learn HTML. You should also take classes on graphic design.

How long would it take for a person to learn martial arts?

To learn one martial art is impossible. Learning in martial arts does not end.

Is it possible to learn a type of martial arts online?

It is possible to learn martial skills online. It is very difficult to practice them safely and to learn the patience and philosophy that makes it a martial art online.

How do I begin to learn about networking classes?

You should talk to a counselor at your local community college. They can show you what classes you need to take in order to learn more about computer networking.

What is ductibility?

what is dectibility guys you should og learn this in your schience classes

Why should a person attend classes?

because they want To learn a lesson

Where do people learn martial arts?

At a martial arts school. Japanese martial arts are taught in a dojo.

Where should you try to sit in all of your classes Why?

You should sit in the front because you learn better

How do you start if you want to learn extreme martial arts?

The first step would be to learn a martial art. Then you can take it to the next level.

Where can one learn to throw ninja stars?

There are many accredited martial arts teachers and classes that are offered locally. Because of the danger inherent with throwing stars, it is imperative that a professionally trained martial artist or instructor be present. A local dojo, or martial arts academy would have useful information, as well as local newspaper advertisements.

Do you have to be muscular to learn martial arts?

Of course not. Martial atrs is about skill, not strength

What is the best place to learn martial art in VA?

It is Majest Martial Art.

What should you do in college?

Take classes to learn a profession so you can go out and get a job.

Where should you sit in all of your classes?

In front so you can listen and learn better

Is it possible to learn martial arts at the age of 27 years?

It is possible to learn martial arts at any age. Some of the best martial artists I know didn't start until they were in their 40's!

Where can one learn how to do a headscissor KO?

One can learn to do a headscissor KO from any certified martial arts instructor, or a skilled mixed martial arts instructor. Also, one can learn from the internet.

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You should take classes such as Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Latin you should learn latin because doctor prescriptions are written in latin but it all depends on what mind of doctor you want to be!

How does one learn martial arts?

One learns martial arts by one going to lessons...

What martial art should I learn Kung-fu or Karate I what to learn karate because of ryu and I like kung-fu because they use weapon like naruto?

Well, I take karate and it is a great martial arts. You may not use weapons but that is just because karate is created for defense. In my opinion you should try both then decide.

Is it wrong to be a morning person and take morning classes in college?

Not at all! If you learn best in the morning then by all means you should take morning classes!