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It doesn't really matter what the outside temperature is as long as you are comfortable with the water temperature. I have swam in an indoor/outdoor pool in the middle of January in below freezing (in Canada) where the water was probably 90degrees. I even stood on the deck for a few seconds and was still warm with the water steaming off me.

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Q: What should the outdoor temperature be for you to go swimming?
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I'd say anytime is perfect if it's cold go to a indoor pool if its hot you can swim indoor and outdoor!

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If they have a splint on they should not go swimming in the firstplace. If they havent been to a doctor they need to go and if they have and the doctor splint it they should be resting not swimming.

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What is the ideal atmospheric temperature if you go swimming?

With an indoor pool (not a spa) room air temperature should be maintained 2-5 degrees above the water temperature< with 50% or less humidity.

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What is a comfortable temperature to go swimming out doors?

any temperature over 70 is what i say but that's just my opinion

What is the lowest water temperature at which you can safely go swimming in a wetsuit?

12° celsius

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Yes, so long as the water temperature is tolerable.

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