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Gatorade ;)

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Q: What should sports players drink?
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What sports drink do English premier league players drink?

Lucozade sports drinks

When should you include a sports drink in your workout?

You should include a sports drink in workouts longer than an hour.

When should you drink sports drinks?

You should drink sports drinks after working out. They are often used by athletes to keep hydrated while participating in sports events.

When should you drink protein?

when you do running sports.

What should you drink after and hour of sports?


Does drinking pickle juice make you sick?

No. Before the invention of the drink Gatorade, sports players used to drink it to stay hydrated.

What should India do to stay ahead in sports?

get good players.

Why should athletes drink sports drink and not pure water?

Because they give you a boost of energy.

How much sports drink should you drink daily to improve your performance?

2-3 bottles

When should you drink Gatorade?

After you play sports. There is a reason you shouldn't drink it during sports because there is an indgredient in it that causes cramps and tiredness, and if you drink it and don't do any sports at all (assuming you drink a lot) you are very likely to get a cramp for no reason whatsoever.

Should you drink sports drinks without activity?

You can drink sports drinks anytime you want! Just atleast be walking around , Or else you will get dizy .

Should someone use a sports drink to replace sweat they expect to lose in a 12 mile run in July?

Your biggest intake should be water, but a few cups of sports drink can help with energy and salt balance. Say two water and one sports drink.

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