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JORDENS are of course by far the best Basketball shoes.

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  1. Jordan 34
  2. Lebron 12
  3. KD 10 4.KI 5
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Q: What shoes are the best to play basketball in?
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Can you wash basketball shoes?

i wouldn't... especially if you have nice basketball shoes and i know cuz i play basketball.

What footwear should you wear to play basketball?

The best footwear would actually be basketball shoes. Basketball shoes have "high tops" so that they go over your ankles to prevent hem from rolling.

Are kobe s basketball?

If you are referring to Kobe shoes then yes they are basketball shoes they are some of the best basketball shoes in the NBA today

What shoes does Michael Jordan wear to play basketball?

He wears nikes to play basketball

What Nike Basketball shoes are the best bang for the buck?

combat shoes

What kind of shoes do they use now to play basketball and why?

It depends how hard you like to try. Im sure that regular sneakers would work just fine. However, I have heard basketball shoes work the best.

What is the best brand of basketball shoes?

in my opinion converse shoes are the best court shoes

is nike the bset for basketball shoes?

Basketball is a great sport and having the right shoes is very important. Nike is the best brand for basketball shoes but Adidas is a great second choice.

What are best shoes for playing basketball on asphalt?


What you need for basket- ball?

All you need to play basketball is basketball shoes, basketball, two nets, and a court.

What are the best basketball shoes for an athletic shooting guard?

Nike shoes are the way to go.

What is the best shoes to play basketball in?

Reebok est un crΓ©ateur et fabricant renommΓ© de baskets

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