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Have the Arizona Cardinals ever won a Super Bowl?

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in 1999 in the 1st round against the Dallas Cowboys in dallas they went on to lose in the 2nd round to the Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota

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Saturday, January 3, 2009, the Arizona Cardinals beat the Atlanta Falcons in their new stadium in Glendale, AZ in the NFC Wild Card Playoff Game.

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The last time the Arizona Cardinals played the Steelers was on October 23, 2011 in Arizona, the Steelers won 32-20.

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The most recent time the Cardinals failed to make the playoffs, was in 2008.

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Q: What season did the Arizona Cardinals make it to the playoffs?
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How many of the Pittsburgh Steelers six Super Bowl wins has the team failed to make the playoffs the following year?

The Steelers missed the playoffs three times after winning a Super Bowl the previous year.1980 season - following SB XIV2006 season - following SB XL2009 season - following SB XLIII

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers win the Super Bowl for the 2008 season?

No. They were officially eliminated in week 17 even after winning against the Miami Dolphins. They needed the Jets, Broncos, and Ravens to lose to clinch a spot after beating Miami, but the Ravens won, forcing the Steelers out of the playoffs.

Last time Red Sox and Yankees missed playoffs?

The last season both the Red Sox and Yankees did not make the playoffs was 1993. Since MLB went to 3 divisions in each league in 1995, one or both teams have made the playoffs every season.

Did the New York Yankees make the playoffs every year that Joe Torre had been the manager?

Yes. Joe Torre was the manager of the Yankees from 1996-2007 and they made the playoffs every season.

Were the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers both out of the 2009 playoffs?

No, now the Steelers have a VERY slight chance. The Packers however, have a pretty good chance of keeping the wild card spot because they have the advantage over Dallas, and and the next two games can be considered a given as the Seahawks are <.500 and the Cards will most likely rest the starters as they have clinched their division title. In 2009, the Green Bay Packers made the playoffs and lost in the Wild Card game to the Arizona Cardinals. The Steelers did not make the playoffs.

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How close the cardinals have been to win Super Bowl?

In the 2008-2009 season, the cardinals finished 9-7 and won their division to make it to playoffs. They defeated the Falcons and Panthers in an upset to make it to the NFC Championship. The face the Philadelphia Eagles in Arizona.

Did the St. Louis Cardinals get to the World Series in 2008?

No, the Cardinals did not make the playoffs in 2008.

Will the lakers make it to the playoffs?

Not 2011 season

When did raptors last make playoffs?

Toronto made the playoffs with Bosh in the 2006-07 season and 07-08 season. Both times they lost in the first round.

Did the Sixers go to the playoffs in 1988?

No, the Philadelphia 76ers did not make the NBA Playoffs in the 1987-1988 NBA Season.

Do the Suns have a chance to make the playoffs?

They are pretty much done for the season.

Will the Chicago Bears make the playoffs in the 2010-2011 season?

Yes they will.

Who are the most likely teams to make it to the NFL playoffs?

Colts, Bengals, Saints, Chargers, Cardinals, Vikings

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers make the playoffs in 2009?

No, they did not. The Steelers finished the 2009 season with a 9-7 record and missed the playoffs.

If you went 6-6 could you still make it to the playoffs?

only if you finished the season 8-8, 9-7, or 10-6...or depends on the conclusions of games around your divisions on week 17.Another answer:NFL teams can't end a season 6-6; they play 16 regular-season games.But...since a winner goes from each of the eight divisions, it's hypothetically possible for an NFL team to make the playoffs even with a losing record, as long as it's the best record in the team's division.This season, for example, it would be entirely possible for the Arizona Cardinals to win the NFC West (a weak division overall) with a season-ending record of 7-9.

Are the chargers in the 2008 playoffs?

Through Week 16 of the 2008 season, the Chargers are not in the playoffs. However, should they defeat the Denver Broncos in the last game of the season played December 28 they will make the playoffs as the AFC West Division champion. If they lose or tie, the Broncos will make the playoffs as the AFC West Division champion.

Why did the Mets make the playoffs in 2004 instead of the Phillies who had the better record?

The Mets did not make the playoffs in the 2004 season. The Atlanta Braves made the playoffs from the National League East Division and the Houston Astros made the playoffs as the wild card.