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Q: What score would you have if you had 8 goals and 12 behind?
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How many World Cup goals did Pelé score?

12 goals

When did Frank Stapleton score goals?

when he was only 12

How many goals did Netherlands score in 2010 world cup?

12 goals in total.

How many goals did van persie score 2011 - 12?


How many own goals did frank sinclair score in his career?


How many goals did Italy score in the 2006 world cup?


How many goals did Rooney score last season in the league?

12 of his 20 goals were scored in the Premier League.

How many goals did Thierry Henry score agnaist man utd in his career?

9 Goals

How many goals did Netherlands score in the fifa world cup in 2010?


How many goals did Pele score in FIFA World Cup?

I think 6-12

How many goals did holland score in the 2010 world cup?

If I remember right, it was 12

Has any soccer player ever score 6 goals in a soccer match?

in 2003 kyle stockton score 7 goals in a game with only his head. in you count feet he scores 12.