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Just about any rings and mounts made by Weaver will fit nicely. Using lesser quality rings will cause the scope to go out of adjustment when the shotgun is fired.

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Q: What scope mount will fit your savage 24v 222 over 20ga?
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What is the value of savage 340 in 22 hornet?

depending on condition, from $150 to $275. extra mags, scope mount and a scope may add a bit over the bare rifle price.

Are Savage 22 cal.rifle over 20 gauge shotgun still available?

They may no longer be in production, but I've seen quite a few Savage 24C 22LR/20Ga for sale. Run between $500 to mid $600.

How do you mount a scope on a crosman model 3576 airgun?

The gun is not really designed to hold a scope. The barrel has no way of holding a scope rail. You would have to drill holes in the barrel to mount one. a pistol scope would also be required and it would out cost the price of the gun many times over. a regular rifle scope would not work. So I suggest that this not be attempted. But it's your pistol.

How do you mount a scope on a savage Stevens model 72 crackshot?

Either the barrel or receiver would have to be drilled and tapped or some form of barrel clamp would be required to hold the scope. At this point, given that the rifle is over 75 years old and no longer manufactured (read: parts are not available off the shelf and manufacture of same is expensive and difficult), your best choice would be to not do it.

What year is a 5mm Sheridan 20 caliber SN 302702340. Trying to get mounts for scope?

I have two answers for you. Crosman air gun owns both Benjamin and Sheridan air guns. See the link below for the date of manufacture. ( not all dates are there) See the second link for the scope mounts. Hint: you may find that the scope is too far forward when you mount it because the loading port is in the way of the mount. I placed both mounts on the front tube of the scope so I could get it back far enough for my eye relief. Both rings are on the mounts in front of the loading port so the scope extends back over the loading port. Both scope rings are attached to the front tube of the scope.

How do you put a scope on a crosman tac 77 elite air rifle?

Most people have trouble mounting scopes. 1. Mount the rear scope base ring on the rifle first. Just the bottom half. Make it tight 2. Mount the front bottom half of the scope ring next. Use the scope to align the fit to your eve. Do not mount the top of the scope rings in this step. 3. with the scope adjusted to your eye mount the top of the scope rings but not real tight just snug. Look through the scope to make sure the cross-hairs are aligned with the barrel. 4. with an Allen wrench or screwdriver tighten down the rings using a crossover pattern. (left rear screw. front right screw. right rear screw. left front screw) a little at a time until tight. ) Now do the same to the other scope ring. Do not over tighten and strip out the screw holes. 5. most people try to put the rings on the scope first then try to put in on the rifle. This never works it will always come loose. The scope ring bases have to be mounted on the rifle first, then the scope comes last. your next step is aligning the scope to your target but you didn't ask about that so I'll leave that for another question

Where can you find chokes for a Remington over under 20ga model spr-310 shotgun?

Contact Remington.

I have a collectors grade k98 Mauser if i wanted it to have its stock stained its bolt blued and it to have a scope mount could all of that devalue my rifle?

Absolutely. If it is truly a collector's grade, sell it and buy a cheaper one with an excellent barrel--you'll have enough money left over to have the gunsmithing work done and to pay for the scope.

What is the value of a savage over-under-20 gauge shotgun made in the 1940's?

The value of a 1940's savage 22/20 over and under?

What is the value of a Savage over under 33-20 gauge long rifle?

No such model made by Savage.

What dates are Savage model 444B?

The Savage model 444B over under shotgun was made from 1969-1972.

You want to attach a scope to your 6.5 Jap How do you do it?

flip mounts attach to your scope flip your scope over, and eject the shell in and flip it back I DONE IT

How do you find out when your savage 99C 308 was made the serial is over 1150000?

Contact Savage customer service thru their website.

What is value of savage 440B 12 gauge over and under shotgun?

The Savage 440B 12 gauge over and under shotgun is valued at $700 in excellent condition. In fair condition, it is valued at $300.

What is a savage shotgun model 312?

The Savage model 312 is an over under shotgun that Savage imported from Italy from 1990 through 1993. The shotgun was manufactured in northern Italy in the Gardone region.

What is the age and type of a Browning A-5 with serial 5z over 802 in front of the loading port?

You have a 20ga Lightweight Auto-5 made in 1965

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What is the age and value of a savage 22 long rifle over a 3 inch chamber on the bottom of a 410?

Your savage model 24 o/u is valued at between 200-450 dollars depending on the condition of your savage.

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What is the value of a Savage 240 Series P over under?

The value of a Savage 240 Series P over under is actually dependent upon a number of factors. Some of those factors include the age and condition.

Where can you locate a stock for a Savage Arms and J Stevens over under?

If your local gunsmith can't help you, try contacting the company. Savage arms has a website.

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What is value of savage over-under 24B - DL 20 gauge shotgun - 22 long rifle made in Westfield Mass by Savage Arms?

whater some one will pay for it

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