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To make pointe shoes both the physical and chemical science is needed. The shoes have to fit and come in various sizes, this is where physical science comes into perspective.

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Q: What science do you need to make pointe shoes?
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What is a substitute for pointe shoes?

There is none. You need to be professionally fiitted for pointe shoes. If money is an issue then I strongly suggest using the Jet box Glue which is used to make pointe shoes last longer. Search for them on the internet. I heard this helps a lot!

Do pointe shoes need to be broken in or can you buy prebroken in shoes such as gaynor minden for comfort and durability?

No, you need to break in your pointe shoes yourself. Anaheim Ballet offers a video on breaking in pointe shoes. Just type Anaheim Ballet The Point, or just type in breaking in pointe shoes and videos should pop up based on that. Shutting your pointe shoes in a door helps. Good luck!

What are demi pointe shoes?

Demi pointe shoes are very flexible pointe shoes that don't allow you to go on pointe, but they help you get used to the feel of real pointe shoes.

How can you make homemade pointe shoes?

ABSOLUTLEY NOT! It would be very dangerous. Pointe shoes allow a dancer to go up on her toes in ballet. Only under the recommendation of her instructors is a dancer who is at least 12 with very good ballet technique allowed to go en pointe! After recommendation of your instructor you go to a local dance store and you are fitted for your first pair of pointe shoes. The fitting may take very long because it is so crucial to get the perfect fit for your foot type. These pointe shoes are made of VERY special material by shoe-makers called cobblers. There is absolutely NO WAY you could make your own pointe shoes. You need very special machines and tools. I'm sorry, but yes you do need to spend about $45-90 every time you need a new pair of pointe shoes. There is no way around this, but you can buy Jet Box Glue to help your pointe shoes last longer. I heard this helps a lot! Many online dance stores carry them.

What is the best pointe shoe?

There is no "best" pointe shoe. Pointe shoes have to do with how ones foot is shaped, and since everyone is different, people need different types of shoes. There are tons of brands of shoes, and tons of different sizes for each type. So, try all different types of pointe shoes, see which ones you like.

Can you do pointe with demi pointe shoes?

It is physically possible...BUT... do not do it. It can break toes, feet, and possibly mess up tendens and muscles in the process. It also hurts. If you want to go onto pointe then you need to buy a real pair of pointe shoes. They are usually cheaper online. NO! DO NOT TRY THIS! This can break your feet. Demi pointe shoes are for demi pointe. Pointe shoes are for pointe. ANSWER 2 Hi, Demi-pointe shoes are used so that you can experience the sensations of pointe shoes without going on pointe. THEY ARE NOT FOR GOING ON POINTE IN! If you are only wearing demi-pointe shoes then your instructor obviously does not feel you ankles are strong enough for pointe work yet. If you do this then you face the chance of never being able to go on pointe because you have damaged you feet. So stick to demi pointe shoes for demi pointe and wait a while until your ankles are strong enough to go on pointe! PS you should never go on pointe before you are 12 as research has shown that the joints etc. in your feet have not fully developed!

How much is 9 pairs of ballet shoes?

For pointe shoes, you also need toe pads and toe seperations, and that comes to about sixty dollars or more. The canvas pre-pointe shoes are usually around thirty dollars. Be aware that you have to sew the straps of the pre-pointe shoes. Normal leather ballet shoes can be from fifteen dollars or less to thirty dollars or more.

Do you have to break in ballet slippers?

You don't need to break in ballet flats, but you do need to break in pointe shoes.

Why should you not were pointe shoes on carpet?

You aren't supposed to do pointe on carpet because your pointe shoes need a strong, hard floor so the shoe can be supported. If you do it on carpet, the boxes, the shanks, and your ankles aren't supported and it would be very easy for your ankles to roll out or in, causing your ankle to break.

How do you make fake pointe shoes?

First of all, why do you need to make fake pointe shoes??? Anyway, pointe shoes are all handmade, and the hard bit at the toe is made from lots of layers of glue and canvas (i think its canvas) material to make it hard. SO,, if you are that desperate you could try piling glue and canvas stuff onto the toe of a normal ballet shoe. also, pointe shoes are made of shiny pink satin on the outside, so you might want to cover it up with that? but i have NO idea what it will come out like i think it will look a bit weird. Try looking up some videos of how they make them to give you a better idea. If you need them so bad you could try buying the cheapest pair from a shop or something. I am now taking it you are interested in ballet and want to try some out, huh? Well so am i but i am waiting till i get on pointe which hopefully is soon!! <3 Or get an old pair of shoes or ballet shoes fill the ends with carrier bags,socks or tissue then for sopport cover them in tape and for more support put a sock over the top. WARNING: making fake pointe shoes can be dangerous and you could hurt yourself only make them at your own rist not for dancing purpouses

How do you use pointe shoes?

First, you need the approval of a dance instructor. Then, they or someone else will teach you how to sew on the ribbons. Finally it comes naturally, and you just push up to demi-pointe, then into full pointe on the flat part on the end of the shoe. You need to first get permission or be ready to go on pointe. Then when you have everything sewed on you can roll through the 4 foot positions and your on pointe.

Which pointe shoes have carbon fiber?

The Gamba brand pointe shoes are made with a carbon fiber shank. I use them because I kill a Grishko "2007" extra hard shank in 3 hours. They are not the prettiest of shoes, and some teachers don't prefer them but if you need a strong shoe I recommend these.

How do you get stronger for pointe?

You need to take a pre-pointe class first in regular ballet shoes, and do ankle exersizes, such as relavaes or pleaes. Your ankles are the main strencth point in pointe. If your ankles aren't stong, you will likely fall and hurt yourself.

How do you know your ready for pointe shoes?

You will know if you are ready when your instructor tells you you are. you will need to take ballet classes for at least 3 years before starting on pointe since you need to strengthen your feet and your leg and core muscles.

Why do pointe shoes use X's in sizing?

Feet have many different widths so pointe shoes need too have many different widths too. 1X would be a narrow foot and 4X would be wider. There are also 2X, 3X, and many more widths in different kinds of shoes.

Why do you need balance in ballet?

So you can do a lot of pirouettes and can balance in pointe shoes.

Why do you need to wear down pointe shoes?

You need to do this so they are easier to dance in and so they mold to your feet. If they are too worn down get new ones.

How do you put the ribions on pointe toe ballet shoes?

To put ribbons on pointe shoes you first need to get the ribbons then make sure you have two even ones other wise it won't work as well. Next to insure that the ends don't fray you can either put clear finger nail polish on the end or burn the end of the ribbons. Next you try to fold the end once so they don't fall off as easily. Lastly you sew them to the inside middle seam of your pointe shoes, try not to put your needle through the satin on the outside. Oh and try to make sure you sew the ribbons glossy side out.

Why do your pointe shoes hurt when you walk?

Because your wearing hard shoes in order to stand on ur toes. and you need to build up callas and muscles before it gets any easier.

What do you have to have in order to be on pointe in ballet?

Firstly, most dance schools demand that you're at least 13 years old, because it's important the bones in your foot are developed before you put them under the strain of being 'en pointe'. Secondly, you need pointe shoes. These are satin ballet shoes with ribbons, that have a wooden block at the end, and a flattened tip, to support your foot en pointe. It's very important to get the right type of shoe for your foot, and you need to go to a reputable ballet shop to get your shoes. Thirdly, you need strength in the metatarsal muscles in your foot, and also good body tension in general, so that it's easier for your foot to support your weight.

How do you get into pointe?

you don't exactly get into pointe. you don't have to be a certain age. you start pointe when your teacher thinks your ready. you need to have the right legs that are strong ,powerful, graceful, and can handle any difficult moves that are put to them. You need to have a lot of strength to be able to stay on pointe. If you are getting your first pair of pointe shoes going to the national ballet school's 'The Shoe room, is a perfect way to decide what kind of shoe (out of millions) you need. The Shoe room is in Toronto Ontario and appointments only take 20 minutes!

What supplies do you need if you're beginning to dance en pointe?

First of all you need pointe shoes. It's best to get them fit by a professional. Most dance shops sell pointe shoes and they have trained employees to help you out. If you have bunions it is a good idea to get spacer to put between your big toe. You also need some kind of padding. Ask the person fitting you. Bunheads has a lot of good solutions. You need ribbons and elastics. Again you can ask the person fitting you about how to sew them. Your dance instructor will teach you how to tie them. You should keep Band-Aids in your dance bag because you are going to get a lot of blisters! Have fun en pointe! Take it slow...

Can i be a prima ballerina even though i have terrible feet?

Yes, you can! If you have talent as a ballet dancer, you can be a ballerina. You just need to work hard at building up your arches, and strengthening your feet. You can do this by wearing good, supportive street shoes, working with a theraband as much as possible, and asking your teachers for ways to build your arches in class. Certain pointe shoes can also make your feet look good or bad. Ask your teacher what kind of pointe shoes you can wear to emphasize your arch. Hope this helps!

How do you earn pointe shoes if you need to balance in passer?

It depends on the rules of your studio. YOu probably just need to work on your balance so you can hold passe for however long they want you to hold it.

How many years of ballet experience should you have before you go on pointe?

Beginning pointe work doesn't always depend on how long you may have been dancing. For example if you are older than say 12 or 13 you may only need 1 or 2 years of ballet training before beginning pointe work. This is because pointe shoes can damage younger feet. However some young students are simply strong enough to hold themselves en pointe. Also it depends on what level of ballet you are. Once you reach pre-elementary then pointe shoes are compulsory if you wish to sit the exam for that grade. In preparation for pre-elementary then often dancers will spend 6 months or so before they reach senior ballet, preparing themselves and breaking in new pointe shoes so that the transition into senior ballet smoother. I hope this helps your ballet.