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a type of schooling

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Q: What schooling do you need to go to for dirt track racing?
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How many land do you need to build a dirt racing track?

Depends on how big you want your track to be. 3.8 mile 1.2 mile or 1 mile exact. Not including seating, parking, and food.

How long is the racing track?

Different tracks have different lengths. You would need to specify the track.

What type of tack do you need for a quarter pony?

It depends on how big or small the pony is and it's age the older it gets the softer the track needs to be.If it's used to be riden on a dirt track then sick with the dirt track!

How do race cars charge the batterys?

Depends on what kind of Race Car. Circle Dirt Track Race Cars Between races. Asphalt cars have alternators. Race cars have alternators that keep the battery charged while racing. Some dirt track cars have alternators some asphalt cars don't have alternators. Need more specifics.

Gas need for a 2 stroke handa dirt bike?

any unleaded gas is ok for racing you can jet and raise compression for racing gasoline for better performance

Do you need schooling to be a baker?

Well, do you need schooling do be a cop

What kind of schooling do I need to be a waiter?

You do not need any schooling to be a waiter.

What training do I need to be a race car driver?

There are two parts to this answer. One, you need your racing license, which is different than your normal driving license. Two, you need to get a good track record in your minor racing leagues in order to move up the chain and get involved in more racing leagues

What schooling do you need to become a musician?

u don't need any schooling !

Does Need For Speed Shift have cops?

No, but only because it's a sports track racing game if you know what im saying.

How many years of schooling does a cartoonist need?

A cartoonist would need about 99 years of schooling

What is the cost of a dirt bike track?

to make one, well you need lots of things like dirt, and the tools to make it. dirt is expensive but you can loook on ads to find out if there are any exess dirt for free. bobcats cost like 200 a day to rent.

What are the education or training do you need for bmx racing?

all you need is a bike, long sleeve shirt, and long pants. you will also need a helmet (full face suggested). no need for prior training just go to the bmx track, talk to track directors and have a blast. :)

Do sheriffs need schooling?


What kind of schooling do you need to be a medical examiner in Wisconsin?

High schooling.

How much schooling does a doctor of Orthopedics need?

They generally need more than 6 years of schooling

How do Nascar race tracks impact racing?

Well, the cars need a track to race on. If it was just a dirt track, the cars' tires wouldn't get any grip. So they made tracks with concrete or asphalt pavement. NASCAR tracks also impact racing from all of the people it can hold. If it has a lot of seats, more people can come and watch it and some people might have never seen NASCAR before, so then they would become a fan if they wanted to and so on.

What kind of schooling do you need to become a bail bondsman?

There is no schooling. just a business license. but schooling may be helpful

What are the basic rules of track and field?

You can't go off the track when you're racing, you need your assigned uniform at meets, and you need to stay in your own lane in certain races. You should also have under armor. Track is really fun! And the rules aren't hard at all to follow.

What schooling do you need to be an inventor?

to be an inventor you need math

Do you need a license for dirt bikes?

Do you need a license for dirt bikes

Do you need a drvers license to drive a dirt bike?

not really if you own a big property in the country or so you can make a track but i dought on the road

What does a black road mean?

Your journey is not good, you've been without and you are in need. Usually refers to a tarmac road, as opposed to dirt track.

Will pocket bike racing get you any were?

It will get you around the track. Or if some clowns need a bike for there act. Maybe start a motorcycle club for little people.

Why you need speed?

you need speed in need for speed because racing cars or cars would not be the same without speed and racing cars need to have speed to be racing cars

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