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Q: What school was the first BCS football champion?
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What does BCS mean in football?

Bowl Champion Series

Who was the 1998 BCS ncaa football champion?


Who was the 1988 BCS ncaa football champion?

notre dame

Who was the first BCS Champion?

Florida State

How many times has GA been to the National Championships in football?

None since the BCS determines the national champion.

What are some of the major NCAA Football bowls?

Some major NCAA Football bowls are the Rose bowl, Sugar bowl, Fiesta bowl, Orange bowl, and the BCS National Champion game which was first held in 2006.

How many BCS championships Alabama got?

Alabama claims 13 National Championships in football. One of these championships is a BCS championship. Before the BCS, teams were voted champion by various organizations. Whether or not Alabama has 13 actual championships can be debated, but their 1 BCS Championship cannot be challenged.

What is bcs and what does it do?

BCS stands for Bowl Championship Series. It determines what two teams would play in the National Championship Game. The championship game winner would become the college football national champion.

What is BCS in college football?

BCS stands for Bowl Championship Series, which was a form of playoff among college football teams between 1998 and 2013, to decide a "National Champion" for the year. It was replaced in 2014 by the College Football Playoff system (CFP). The BCS and CFP were created because NCAA football does not have a national championship tournament as do other college sports (e.g. baseball, basketball). Prior to the BCS, the football "champions" for a year were decided by voting or polls by various organizations. 2) BCS is used in some colleges to represent a baccalaureate degree - "Bachelor of Computer Science." 3) Texas A&M University uses the acronym BCS to refer to the region around the school, centered in two cities (Bryan-College Station).

What is a bcs bowl?

BCS stands for Bowl Championship Series. The BCS is the system that selects the Division 1-A college football teams to play in the BCS bowl games at the conclusion of each football season. There are 5 BCS Bowl Games:1. Rose Bowl: Pac 10 champ vs. Big Ten champ2. Sugar Bowl: SEC champ vs. BCS selection3. Fiesta Bowl: Big 12 champ vs. BCS selection4. Orange Bowl: ACC champ vs. BCS selection5. BCS National Championship Game: BCS #1 vs. BCS #2 If the champion of one of the 5 major conferences with BCS ties (bold above) is ranked #1 or #2 in the BCS and goes to the BCS NC game, then the bowl that has the tie to that conference may select another team, based on BCS ranking. For example, if USC wins the Pac 10 and is ranked #1 at the end of the regular season, then the Rose Bowl can select another team to play against the Big Ten champion. Otherwise, the specific Bowl must take the champion of the respective conference. In addition, Notre Dame gets an automatic berth if it finishes in the top 8 in the BCS ranking; the Big East champion gets an automatic berth to one of the games; and a non-BCS-conference team ranked in the top 12 (or in the top 16 and ranked higher than at least one BCS conference champion) gets an automatic berth, but only one non-BCS conference team can get a berth each year.

Has there ever been a shared bcs national champion?

No, the BCS is decided by a single game, the winner is the champion. However, there has been a shared National Championship since the BCS began. LSU won the BCS national title game in 2003, but the AP granted the National Championship to USC.

Which school won the first BCS Championship Game 1998?


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