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Theoretically yes although it is extremely unlikely

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Q: Can a once beaten team go to the BCS national championship ahead of an undefeated BCS conference champion?
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Who was the first undefeated national champion?

San Francisco

The first undefeated national champion?

North Carolina Tar Heels in 1957

How many college football teams have won the national championship undefeated?


When was Georgia bulldogs undefeated?

In 1980. That was the year that the Georgia Bulldogs won the National Championship.

Does notre dame football automatically go to national championship game if undefeated during season?


Who is tee Martin?

tee martin is the quterback that led the Tennessee vols to the 1998 undefeated national championship

Which NCAA Division 1 women's basketball team was the last to go undefeated and go on to win the national championship?

The last women's team to go undefeated and go on to win the national championship was the 2001-2002 Connecticut Huskies that went 39-0. Tennessee Volunteers were undefeated in 1998 and wre also 39-0.

Did Oklahoma win the national championship last year?

No. The 2008 National Champion were the Florida Gators.

How many NCAA national football championships has University of Chicago won?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, the University of Chicago has one recognized national championship which was won in 1905 after the team completed an undefeated 11-0 season in which they also won what would later become the Big 10 Conference championship.

Who was the first undefeated national champion in March Madness?

The San Francisco Dons in 1956. They went 29-0.

Did Kentucky win the national championship in football and basketball in 1951?

No. Kentucky won the 1951 basketball national championship but the Associated Press and the United Press International both voted Tennessee as football national champion in 1951. Michigan State was voted national champion by the Helms Athletic Foundation and Maryland was voted national champion by the National Champion Foundation and College Football Researchers Association. BUT Kentucky was awarded the 1950 Football National Championship based on the Sagarin rankings which are recognized by the NCAA>

Has the University of Kentucky ever had an undefeated basketball season and win the NCAA national championship?

No, but we are the first with 2000 wins!

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