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The SAT is irrelevant to Basketball

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Q: What sat score do you need to play division 2 basketball?
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What division is UConn basketball?

UConn mens and womens basketball play in NCAA Division I.

What are five things that you need for a game of basketball?

Well you need two teams of five. 1 or 2 basketball goals.(Can play halfcourt with 1 goal) Some way to keep score. Basketball.

What GPA do you need to play basketball?

How high does your gpa need to be to play basketball

Why does villanova play basketball in division one and football in division two?

they do play football in division one, but they play for the fcs and not the fbs, which is still d-1

What equipment do you need to use to play basketball?

a basket ball , a net, a score board, short, a jersey , a coach and players

Why do you need power to play basketball?

If you play in the paint and have no muscle, power, or strength you will get pushed around and unable to score or get rebounds or drive the lane or anything

What sport do the 'Chicago bulls' play?

The Chicago Bulls play basketball. They play in the Central Division in the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association.

What do basketball players do in games?

they play basketball, try to score baskets, and try to win the game :)

Can you be in a division 1 college play football or basketball and be in a Fraternity?


What does a cat need to play basketball?

A basketball?

What two objects do you need to play basketball?

a basketball and a basketball hoop

Degree you need to play basketball?

No degree is needed to play basketball or become a professional basketball player.

What are some nouns about basketball?

shoot, score, fowl, jump, guard, play

Is drake division one in basketball?

Yes they are they play in the missouri valley conference

How many colleges play NCAA division 2 women's basketball?


How many colleges play NCAA Division 2 men's basketball?


How many Catholic universities play division 1 NCAA basketball?


How many people do you need to play a game of basketball?

you need five people on each team. you can put up to 12 players names on a score sheet but five from your team only play on the court.

What you need for basket- ball?

All you need to play basketball is basketball shoes, basketball, two nets, and a court.

What does the center have to do in a basketball game?

The center in a basketball game should post up, rebound the ball, play defense, and score.

What are the chances of becoming a pro athlete in basketball?

1/100 basketball players only 3/100 play division 1 college basketball

Can you score a basket in basketball when you are throwing it in out of bounds?

No you can't, the ball has to first come into play.

How many teams play in the men's NCAA Division 1 basketball championship?


What you need to play basketball on a team?


What trainings do you need to play basketball?