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Well you need two teams of five. 1 or 2 Basketball goals.(Can play halfcourt with 1 goal) Some way to keep score. Basketball.

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Q: What are five things that you need for a game of basketball?
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What you need for a basketball game?

You need a basketball da silly

How many people do you need to play a game of basketball?

you need five people on each team. you can put up to 12 players names on a score sheet but five from your team only play on the court.

What do players need in a basketball game?

Two baskets and a basketball.

Need a sentence with the word basketball?

The basketball needed air. We played a game of basketball.

Is during the basketball game a sentence?

It is not in and of itself a sentence. You need to tell what happened during the basketball game.

What equipment is needed for basketballl?

To play the basketball game you need: Basketball, Basketball Ring with net and Basketball Board.

Why do you need muscular endurance in basketball?

becaus eyou need to be able to keep running throughtout a basketball ball game

What do you do in the game of basketball to succeed?

You need a strong defence and offence.

What education do you need to become a basketball player?

you need to have love for the game and confedence for your teem mates.

What kind of equipment do you use for basketball?

All you need for basketball is two teams of eight people and two basketball hoops and a basketball The cloths to use in any game like some shorts and a tanktop

If I hike and later in the day play basketball will it affect my bball game?

Maybe. Sometimes you might get tired and need some rest before the game starts. If you don't feel tired you will have a very good basketball game.

How can free games make money?

Because even though the game is free to play if you want to do certain things on the game you need to pay, for example: Runescape the FREE MMORPG if you want to be a member on the game to do certain things and be better you need to pay five pounds just for 30 days of being a member so lots of people will buy that many times !

Why is body composition important in basketball?

Body composition is important because you are always running up and down the court. You need to be strong and you need to be fit to be in the game in basketball, trust me it will help you.

What does a basketball do in a basketball game?

The basketball is the most valuable object in the game. You will need to work its way down the court by dribbling or passing without double dribbling, travelling, going out of bounds, and fouling. Your goal is to place the ball in the the net and yell BUCKETS!!!!!

Does football involve more teamwork that basketball?

NO! because in basketball you need to pass it and rely on your team to make the ball in the basket and win the game

How many do you need for a basketball game?

You need 10 players, 5 one one team, and 5 on the other.

Do you need a comma if you start off a sentence In five years?

"In five years, things happened." Yes you do need a comma.

Why professional basketball players don't need college diplomas?

Because they already make alot of money, so they dont need a diploma (degree) to get a job. Plus you dont have to know alot about things other than basketball to play basketball.

Do assistant basketball coaches for a university need to be present at every game?

yes i think

What should you get your BGF for his birthday he likes lax and basketball and Syracuse and Kinect and i need help?

Get him a new game Or throw a basketball party for him

What equipment does a basketball referee need?

they need a whistle to call out violations and a timing device to keep track of game pauses

What i need to become a basketball player?

To become a basketball player in the nba you need to have great scoring range, great ball handeling skills, great defence, a good attitude, passion and love for the game

Five basic biotic elements you need for life?

the five elements that biotic things need are oxygen, water, food, energy, and suitable habitat

Why do you need endurance in basketball?

So you won't get too tired to play before the game is over. It is a very physically demanding game.

What Qualifications do officials need in basketball?

You must have a good understanding of the game and the rules. Also it wouldnt hurt to have played the game before.