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Depends on what part is inured.

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Q: What safety equipment must be used for the catcher of softball?
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What safety equipment must be worn by a softball catcher?

usually catchers wear a chest pad, leg pads, and a helmet, and they also have a catchers glove

What must the softball catcher know in each play?

The catcher must know which bases are loaded, and where the next play will be. They have important role, because they're the only person in the infield that can see all of the bases. They must know where the lead runner is so they can make sure she doesnt get home.

When playing arc ball softball batter fouls ball to catcher must ball go certain height for batter to be out?

It has to go above the batter's head.

In addition to required safety equipment what else must you legally carry aboard your boat while operating in New Mexico?

In addition to required safety equipment, you must legally carry a paddle or an oar aboard your boat while operating in New Mexico.

What will always be the most important piece of safety equipment that must be worn during a lab?

Eye Protection

Is it legal for employers to require employees to put on safety equipment before clocking in?

Yes, no law prevents that requirement. If workers can clock in only after entering a hazardous work area, they must don safety equipment FIRST.

How do slow pitch softball playoffs work?

This happens at the biginning of a game, and the pitcher must slowly pitch towrds the catcher, giving the visiting team an extra run/point if it is right.

Are there any safety warnings for playground equipment?

Yes, there are. For example, the parts of the equipment must not be easily loosen and be digested by the child. Similarly, body parts can not be caught and possibly removed due to equipment failure.

What are the approved procedures for using safety equipment?

Approved procedures for use of any equipment, safety or otherwise, differ from workplace to workplace and are also different for different kinds of equipment. You must learn the procedures of you specific location and equipment by reading instructions, attending a training class, or receiving instruction from your supervisor or another designated person.

How many softball batters must be out before the team is out?

3 must be out

Biohazard and safety equipment are mandatory according to OSHA?

OSHA requires that the employer assess the workplace and provide appropriate protective equipment, which the employee must use when provided. Failure to assess, provide, or use provided equipment can be a reason for a OSHA citation against the employer. Employers who does not provide safety equipments may cause a lot of danger to the worker - accidents, injuries and even fatalities. Only the right safety equipment can help ensure that health and safety is prioritized.

What is the need for isolation equipment in electrical circuit?

An isolation switch used on electrical equipment is there for safety purposes. When maintenance personnel work on electrical equipment it is their responsibility to isolate the equipment's circuit so that if it accidentally becomes energized the equipment will not start and the maintenance person will not be hurt. These days companies that have maintenance personnel all have their own safety lock out procedures and maintenance personnel must use these procedures. The electrical code requires that the isolation switch must be within twenty feet and line of sight of the equipment it is isolating.

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