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Terrell Davis

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Q: What running backhas the most rushing yards this year 1998 ini the nfl?
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What running back has the most rushing yards in 1998?

Terrell Davis of the Denver Broncos had the most rushing yards in 1998. He had 2008 yards and was the fourth running back in NFL history to rush for over 2000 yards.

Who led the NFC in rushing yards in 1998?

Jamal Anderson led the NFC with 1,846 rushing yards in 1998.

Who are the Top ten running backs with the most rushing yards in a season?

1.Eric Dickerson 2105 rushing yards 1984 2.Jamal Lewis 2066 rushing yards 2003 3.Barry Sanders 2053 rushing yards 1997 4. Terrell Davis 2008 rushing yards 1998 5. OJ Simpson 2003 rushing yards (14 games) 1973

What runnerback has the most rushing yards in 1998 in the nfl?

First off its running back and Terrell Davis of the Denver Broncos had the most with 2,008 and also had 21 rushing touchdowns in 1998

How many yards did Terrell Davis have in 1998?

2225 ... 2008 rushing yards and 217 pass receiving yards.

Who Led the 1998 49ers in rushing?

Garrison Hearst with 1,570 yards.

Who had the most rushing yards in the NFL in 1998?

The leading rusher in the NFL for the 1998 season was Terrell Davis of the Denver Broncos with 2008 yards.

Seattle's Shaun Alexander led the NFL in rushing with 1880 yards Who was the last running back to win the rushing title and play in the Super Bowl in the same season?

Prior to Shaun Alexander, that was Terrell Davis of the Denver Broncos who led the NFL with 2,008 rushing yards in the 1998 season and played in Super Bowl XXXIII. The only other player to accomplish this is Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys who did it three times. He led the NFL with 1,773 rushing yards in 1995 and played in Super Bowl XXX, 1,486 yards in 1993 and played in Super Bowl XXVIII, and 1,713 yards in 1992 and played in Super Bowl XXVII.

In 1998 who lead the NFL in rushing?

Terrell Davis, a 1995 Broncos sixth-round draft pick, has accomplished the rare feat of rushing 1,000 yards in seven games.

Best rookie years in NFL?

Notable rookie years - Gale Sayers scoring 14 rushing touchdowns and catching six touchdown passes in 1965. Randy Moss with 1,313 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns (season high for the league) in 1998. Earl Campbell's 1,450 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns in 1978. Tony Dorsett with 1,007 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns in 1977. Curtis Martin with 1,487 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns in 1995.

Who was Packers leading rusher in game vs Pittsburgh Steelers in 1998?

Travis Jervey.Jervey had 26 rushing yards in the game played against the Steelers on November 9, 1998. Brett Favre was second with 18.

What was rickie willams most rushing yards in a game?

In his NFL career, 228 yards for the Miami Dolphins against the Buffalo Bills on December 1, 2002. In his college career, 350 yards for the Texas Longhorns against the Rice Owls on October 3, 1998.