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The last point in Table Tennis (ping pong) is exactly the same as all other points.

There are no special rules relating to the last point.

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Q: What rules is the answer for can you lose a game in ping pong if it's the last point?
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Can you lose game point on a serve in Ping Pong?

If I say yes then there will be no claim in that. This is a very complicated topic which many of the players don’t understand. However, if the service is illegal the player deserves the warning and also the subsequent point loss.

How do you lose a game?

Come in last place

Can you lose a tennis game if you make a double fault?

The answer is no you cant. But you will lose that point.

Do you lose if you scratch on last ball before the 8 ball?

Yes if you make in the last ball and then scratch, you lose and the game is over.

Similes describing the war?

war is like playing a game of cards, know the rules and tactics, or lose the game it self

Who did the Mets lose to on the last game of the 2008 season?

The Florida Marlins

What happen when both players reach deuce in tennis?

if the score is deuce, the score goes as follows: if you are serving and you win the point, it is ad- in.... if you serve and win again, you win the game. if you are serving and you lose the point, it is ad-out... if you serve and lose again, you lose the game. if it is ad-in, and you lose the point, the score goes back to deuce, until someone wins.

Do you lose the game if you miss the 8 ball?

In the game of 8 ball, most rules result in a foul if you fail to hit your object ball - including the 8 ball. It is not typically loss of game, but some House Rules do state that this is loss of game.

Will you lose your scores on wii when you change game discs?

The whole point of saving your game is so that that doesn't happen.

When did the Atlanta Braves last lose a game this season?

the last lost was Last night they played the dodgers and lost 8-6

If you miss the eight ball when its your last ball is that a lloss?

Yes, if you scratch in any way on the eight ball, you lose. (That includes sinking the eight ball in a pocket you didn't call) * Added - Missing the 8 ball under most rules is a foul, not a loss of game. Many House Rules will call the miss loss of game.

Do you lose the game if you shoot an opponents ball in and also the eight ball in the game of pool?

if you shoot a ball in to another opponents basket you give them a point and if you hit the eight ball first you lose the game if its at the end of the game you win

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