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Counties Manukau, Wellington, North Harbour, Blues, Cheifs, Hurricanes and Cardiff Blues

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One only. New Zealand

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Q: What rugby clubs did Jonah lomu played for?
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Who inspired Jonah lomu to play rugby?

Jonah lomu coach inpired him to play rugby

When was Jonah Lomu Rugby created?

Jonah Lomu Rugby was created on 1997-03-31.

Who played for the 1994 all blacks rugby team?

jonah lomu

Tallest back who has played test rugby?

jonah lomu at 1.96cm.

Which sport did Jonah lomu play?


Biiggest rugby player?

te biggest rugby player that ever played was jonah lomu for the all blacks

When did Jonah Lomu retire?

i dont no exactly lol, but i no he is in rugby 2004

What was Jonah Lomu rugby highest salary?

35000 per game

When did Jonah lomu start rugby?

when u touched ur face

What made Jonah Lomu start playing rugby?

because he wanted to

What is the birth name of Jonah Lomu?

Jonah Lomu's birth name is Jonah Tali Lomu.

Who are the rugby legends?

jonah lomu,george nepia,Matt Burke and bob the builder