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It depends. what ever position you usually play your good at that position. in team sports you play everywhere likely.

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Q: What role do you play in team sports?
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What role do parent's play as a member of the sports medicine team?

Parents can play a supportive role as part of the sports medicine team.

What role does sports play in the popular culture of America?

I think it play a religion,team and a life time

Everyone selected in this team have or has a role to play?

team has a role to play!

Sports they play in Normandy?

Team Sports

Why do boys like to play sports?

Boys are always in for the physical competition, individually or as a team. Sports offers them this, so they play sports and like to play sports.

Can a kid play schools sports if he is homeschooled?

Kids can play sports when homeschooled but not with A school but with privet team.

How is the role of the nucleus in a cell similar to the role of the captain on a sports team?

The nucleus controls all functions of the cell and the captain of a sports team controls the whole team. Thanks For Reading :D My answer was better than the other one. :D

What role does meida play in spreading sports news?


What sports teams play in United Center?

The sports teams that play at the United Center in Chicago are the Chicago Bulls basketball team and the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team.

What is a travel team in sports?

a team that travels to other towns and states to play an other team

How does gender affect what sports you play?

Gender also has an effect on physical activities because most sports are separated into two teams, a boys team and a girls team. In the case of professional sports like basketball, it is impossible for a female to play on a men's basketball team; it is also impossible for a male to play on a woman's basketball team.

What is an attackman?

An attackman is a player in a sports team whose primary role is offence.