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How did badminton originate

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How are snow mounds removed at South Pole

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Q: What religion is Jay hakkinen Biathlon Olympic contestant?
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What is the Olympic event in which you cross country ski and have to shoot an arrow?

That Olympic event is called the biathlon. Actually, in the Olympic biathlon, athletes cross-country ski and then shoot a rifle at a target. There is a variation of the biathlon called the archery biathlon where the athletes cross-country ski and then use a bow and arrow to shoot at a target, but although it is popular in certain countries (especially Canada and Russia), it is not an Olympic event.

Which olympic sports has the US not medaled in?


What olympic event requiers a target?

The biathlon

In which olympic event do you combine shooting with skiing?

The biathlon

How many events make up the Olympic Biathlon?

The Olympic, and for that matter, any, biathlon, consists of two events. In the case of the Olympics, these two events are cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.

What Winter Olympic events has the US never medaled in?


Do the olympic biathlon rifles use real bullets?


What is the biathlon?

Biathlon is a sport in the Winter Olympic games where you ski down to a checkpoint and then shoot 5 targets. After that you move on. The athletes do this a couple times.

What winter olympic sport does not involve snow or ice?

Olympics biathlon

What Summer and winter Olympic sports that USA never medaled in?

Judo and Biathlon.

As of 2007 which olympic events did the US not win medals in?

Nordic Combined and Biathlon.

Is Biathlon a summer or winter sport?

Biathlon consists of rifle shooting and cross country skiing. It would be a winter sport and there is competition in biathlon at the Winter Olympic Games. But, there are some biathlons that are on roller skis, but these are mostly training, and aren't really a sport.

How many Olympic biathlon medals did US win in 2006?

0. Through the 2006 Games in Turin, the United States has never won a medal in biathlon.

What is the hardest olympic winter sport to do?

Biathlon (the target shooting part is very hard)

In what two winter olympic events has the US never won a medal?

Nordic combined and Biathlon.

In what year did women first compete in the Winter Olympic Biathlon?

The competitive biathlon has been contested in the Winter Olympics between men since 1960, and between men and women since 1992.

How many contestant participated in Beijing olympic?


Which air rifle is best rated in US?

One of the best is a Feinwerkbau Westinger & Altenburger. Biathlon Air Rifle Model P700 Aluminum. Average cost $2,480. It's an Olympic Match Rifle. The best air rifles for target shooting are Olympic Biathlon match rifles.

The Olympic biathlon?

x-c skiing and shooting ya but that is not all about the Olympics. the Olympics is about the games

Does the US pay money if an olympic contestant win a medal?


How may Olympic biathlon medals did us win in 2010?

2,000 lol... No actually they won 0 (so far)

Is Myrian Bedard Canadian?

Yes ... two time Olympic biathlon gold medalist Myriam Bédard was born in Neufchâtel, Quebec in 1969.

What game has the American Olympic team never won Luge Nordic Combined Skeleton or Biatholon?

The Nordic Combined and the Biathlon as of the 2004 winter Olympics.

How many winter Olympic sports are held outdoors?

Winter Olympic sports held outdoors are alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, cross country skiing, bobsleigh, skeleton, luge, ski jumping, nordic combined, biathlon, and snowboarding.

What Winter Olympic sports does Greece excel at?

Through the 2006 Winter Games in Turin, Greek athletes have participated in Alpine skiing, Biathlon, Bobsled, Cross Country skiing, Luge, Skeleton, and Snowboarding. They have yet to win a Winter Olympic medal.