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there is one in tulsa!

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Q: What referee training facilities are there in central Oklahoma?
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Where can i train to be a referee?

there is no training for becoming a referee.. u have to meet general manager of raw,smackown or ecw..u must have some influence in wwe to become a referee

What level of education do you need to be a football referee?

Depending on where you will referee and what level, it will vary. If you are looking to referee little league games, there is no required education. There may be an age limit and you will be required to take a training course.

Trainig and studying required in referee and umpire?

Just training. You can find it almost anywhere

What are the facilities in playing chess?

It is simple, chess board with pawn, rock, bishop, horse, queen, and king and of course a referee.

How do you become a soccer referee?

Learn some of the basic rules and how the game works. Then, contact your local association and ask them about becoming a referee. They will organise training and some games for you to begin with.

How do you become WWE referee?

1 way is to go to OVW (the training camp for WWE) and take the ref course

What is a reserve referee?

A referee that referee's a reserve game

What are the equipments and facilities of soccer?

Soccer is a game that involves lot of equipments. It involves separate equipments for a coach, a player and a referee. The equipments involved for a coach are Training walls, Disc cone hurdles, Speed hurdles, Practice cones, Folding sports benches etc etc. For a soccer Player, the equipments are entirely different. It involves Shin guards, Speed chute, Wrap tape etc etc. Whereas for a referee, the equipments will mainly involve whistles, flags etc.

How much FIFA World Cup pay per referee per match?

FIFA has prepared the 30 referees and their two regular assistants with physical and psychological training programs, and will pay each referee a fee of $50,000 (€40,000) for the tournament.

How can you apply to become a soccer referee AFTER training?

Contact your local SRA (State Referee Assignor) to find out who assigns games in your area. If you are interested in refereeing High School or College games I would contact an Athletic Director at a local school.

What is the possessive for referee?

The possessive form of the noun referee is referee's.

What does an assistant referee need to know?

An assist referee should know all about football. He should know as much as the referee so that if the referee is blinded or very far away the assistanat referee could give decession after consulting with the referee.

What do you call the referee of soccer?


What person assists a referee at a volleyball game?

The 2nd referee assists the 1st referee.

What jersey does a referee wear?

a referee jersey

What referee wares the white hat?

The Referee.

How do you spell referee?


What is a referee's assistant?

the judges assist the referee.

What is the plural for referee?

The plural of referee is referees.

What are the Duties of the assistance referee in soccer?

The duties of the assistant referee are discribed in Law 6 of the FIFA Laws of the Game. Basically, the Assistant Referee is there to help the Referee

What actors and actresses appeared in The Referee - 2013?

The cast of The Referee - 2013 includes: Phil Kunces as The Referee

What actors and actresses appeared in The Referee - 1920?

The cast of The Referee - 1920 includes: Billy Franey as The Referee

Responsibility of referee and asst referee in football?

The responsibility of referee and assistant referee in football is to officiate the game. They are tasked with the duty of ensuring that there is fair play and they are the judges of the game.

What is the name of the referee that stands in the middle of the field?

The referee that stands in the middle of the field is the referee who is the final authority for that game. All decisions made by this referee are final, regardless of what is done or said by any other player, coach, spectator, or assistant referee. Generally, this position is referred to as the "center referee," or some other similar nomenclature. I have heard "head referee," "center official," "middle referee," or "the dude in the center of the field."

Who assists the referee in volleyball?

The umpire assists the referee.

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