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There are too many to describe here, but I will do a try.

Until June 23th 2010 these are Federer's records.

He's the only tennis player who has achieved the following on Grand Slams:

  • 16 Grand Slam titles
  • Winner and Runner-up at all four Grand Slam tournaments
  • 22 Grand Slam finals
  • 24 consecutive Grand Slam quarterfinals
  • 10 consecutive Grand Slam finals
  • 3 years winning at least 3 Grand Slam titles
  • 23 consecutive Grand Slam semi-finals
  • 5 years winning at least 2 Grand Slam titles
  • First 7 Grand Slam finals won
  • 36 consecutive Grand Slam sets won

General carrer records:

  • Most consecutive weeks at No.1 (237)
  • Most consecutive wins against top 10 ranked players (26)
  • Most consecutive wins on hard courts (56)
  • Most consecutive wins on grass courts (65)
  • Most consecutive finals won (24)
  • Most prize money in a single calendar year ($10.130.620)
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Roger Federer has broken many records during his career but I guess the most notable one was in Wimbledon 2009 where he overtook Pete Sampras's record of 14 grand slams. He now holds 16 grand slam singles titles after also winning the 2010 Australian open

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He has 71 titles as of April 23rd, 2012, (Rotterdam being his most recent final) on all courts.

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He has 15 majors trophies.

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Q: What record did Roger Federer break?
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