What rank jutsu is chidori?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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A rank but the rakiri which is kakishi's version is s rank

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Q: What rank jutsu is chidori?
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How can you do chidori level 2?

If you are asking for a Raikiri it is still the same jutsu as Chidori, just more controlled.

What is the jutsu of Sasuke?

Chidori 1000 birds Fire style fireball jutsu. phoenix flower jutsu. dragon flame justsu

What rank jutsu is reaper death seal jutsu?

It is S-rank jutsu

Is Sasukes chidori weak?

NoSasuke's chidori is not weak. It is and A rank jutsu created by Hatake Kakashi himself.But in comparison to to Raikiri or rasengan it does less damage. Plus, it takes highly developed eyes like the Sharingan to be able to control it. because of the speed he moves at.

What are sasukes moves?

sasuke's moves are: katon goukakyuu no jutsu (fire style:fireball jutsu) katon ryuuka no jutsu (fire style:dragon blade jutsu) amaterasu(black fire) mangekyou sharingan eternal mangekyou sharigan third,second,and first comma sharingan genjutsu chidori chidori nagashi or chidori stream raikiri chidori don chidori curse mark 1,2, and 3. falcon drop lions barrage Phoenix flower jutsu and the susano THAT'S ABOUT IT!

Can you learn Rasengan as a customizable jutsu in Naruto ultimate Hero 3?

You can not have rasengan as a customizable jutsu. You can learn chidori which is almost the same thing.

What is stronger naruto's chidori or Sasuke's lightning blade?

Naruto doesnt have Chidori. Sasuke and Kakashi uses Chidori and lightning blade is used by Kakashi. Lightning blade is enhaced form of Chidori and is S rank whereas Chidori is A rank . So Lightning blade is stronger.

What kind of joso can saska use?

if you mean 'what type of jutsu can sasuke use', then he can use fire ball jutsu (a jutsu poassed down through the uchiha clan) and chidori (kakashi's only original teqnique that he taught sasuke). he can also use many others. in shippuuden, he improves meny of his tequniques (such as improving the chidori to make chidori stream) and Orochimaru also taught him some more...

What rank jutsu is rasengan?

Rasengan is an A-ranked jutsu.

Does Naruto learn chidori?

No he cannot learn chidori as his only nature type chakra is wind. Also Kakashi states that chidori is a jutsu that requires sharingan as otherwise you get tunnel vision. Hope this is useful :)

Which is tougher chidori or lightning blade?

The Chidori and Lightning Blade are both techniques used in the Naruto series that involve channeling lightning chakra. The Chidori is a high-speed jab, while the Lightning Blade is an enhanced version with more power and speed. In terms of toughness, the Lightning Blade is considered more powerful and challenging to master due to its increased intensity and precision.

In Naruto anime What is the difference between chidori and raikiri of Kakashi?

Raikiri - S-rank,lasts long Chidori - A-rank, disappears when it wounds the opponent