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Australia ranked 6th at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

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Q: What rank did Australia come at Beijing Olympics 2008?
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What did Australia come on the medal tally at the 2008 games?

Australia came 6th on the overall Beijing 2008 medals tally.

Where did new zealand come on the medals table in the Beijing Olympics 2008?

Tied for 23rd (with Norway) with 9 medals.

How many athletes in the olympic games come from Canada?

A total of 311 Canadian athletes will be competing in Beijing Olympics 2008.

Where did GB come in the Beijing Olympics?

Forth place

Where did Tom Daley come at Beijing 2008?

Tom Daley came 7th in Beijing 2008.

What did the china basketball team come in the Olympics?

At the 2008 Games in Beijing, the women's team finished 4th and the men's team finished 8th.

When does the Olympics come up?

every 4th year ( I.E. 2000 S,2004 Athens,2008 Beijing, 2012 London, 2016 Rio.)

Why did Australia come out second last at the Beijing Olympics?

The entrance of countries into the Stadium at the opening ceremony is done alphabetically by the language of the host country. In the Chinese language, Australia's translated name comes at the end of the alphabet.

Will Beijing 2008 come out on PSP or PS2?

Maybe in 2009 it might come out .

Will WWE come to Australia in 2008 to 2009?

yes wwe will come to Australia in 2008

How often do the summer Olympics ocuur?

The Summer Olympics occur every 4 years, and the same goes for Winter Olympics; except Winter Olympics take place always 2 years after the Summer Olympics. For example, Summer Olympics went to Beijing in 2008, Winter Olympics went to Vancouver in 2010, and Summer Olympics will come back on in 2012 in London.

Where did japan come in the 2008 olympics?

They came 8th

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