What race is WcW wrestler Kid Romeo?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Kid Romeo is a Puerto Rican professional wrestler who once wrestled for World Championship Wrestling(WcW). He is best known for being tag team partners with professional wrestler Elix Skipper.

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Q: What race is WcW wrestler Kid Romeo?
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What movie and television projects has Kid Romeo been in?

Kid Romeo has: Played Kid Romeo in "WCW Monday Nitro" in 1995. Played Kid Romeo in "WCW Thunder" in 1998. Played Jobber (2001) in "WWF Metal" in 1998. Played himself in "WCW Greed" in 2001. Played himself in "WWE: The Rise and Fall of WCW" in 2009.

Who is the greatest wcw wrestler?

Hulk Hogan

Was there a wrestler named Morocco?

Steve Morocco was/is a british wrestler who made numerous appearances for UWA and WCW.

Will Tyler be a wrestler?

Yes! He wrestled for WCW and his wrestling name was nitro.

Did TNA WCW or WWE hired any wrestler from Pakistan in past or present?

Yes i there was a Pakistani wrestler in wwf in 1990s.

Who portrayed Loch Ness in WCW?

It was a British wrestler by the name of Giant Haystacks

WCW Starcade theme song?

Where can I contact Mitsy Blue former wrestler?

What is the person Shannon Moore known for?

Shannon Moore, also known as The Reject, El Gran Luchadore and Kid Dynamo, is an American professional wrestler. He appears in the WCW, WWE and has worked for the TNA.

What is the wcw string used for?

The WCW Sting is a term used to describe a wrestler who is a three crown winner. Sting, or Steve Borden as he is known out of the ring won many crowns in his career with WCW.

Who is the highest paid wrestler in wcw?

i no its mankind but wat r u talkin bout its the wwe now its not the wcw cuz its from the 70s or 60s or 80s or 90s grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is Kris Kanyon?

Chris Kanyon was a pro wrestler. He worked mostly for WCW, but also worked in the WWE briefly. He was a great wrestler, and was definitely underestimated and under appreciated.

What is Molly Holly most famous for?

Molly Holly's real name is actually Nova Kristina Greenwald. She is most famous for having been a wrestler in the WCW. She was also a trainer with the WCW.