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Q: What quarterback has the most touchdown passes in the last 2 years?
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What NFL quarterback has more touchdown passes then incomplete passes in a game?

Kurt Warner. It happened last night. Do you watch sportcenter?

Last quarterback to throw two touchdown passes in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl?

Eli Manning

When was the last time the bears won in Dallas?

On September 19, 2010, Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler threw three touchdown passes in a 27-20 victory over Dallas at Cowboys Stadium.

What Quarterback scored the game winning touchdown in the Ice Bowl?

Green Bay Packer Quarterback Bart Starr scored the last TD of the game. It was a 1 yard run.

How many touchdown passes did Joe Montana have before the catch?

39. He had 35 in the 1979-81 regular seasons and four in the playoffs before the last-minute touchdown to Dwight Clark. It was Montana's 40th touchdown of his career to that point.

How the saints won the Super Bowl by a kick off or a touch down?

They won on a touchdown by quarterback Drew Brees, a touchdown off a Peyton Manning interception returned by Tracy Porter, and by a last-minute goalline stand.

How long do Disneyland hopper passes last?

the Disneyland hoppper passes lasted 59,999,000 years.

What is Colt Brennan most well known for?

Colt Brennan is a Professional Quarterback Football Player. He played college football at Hawaii. He was then drafted in 2008 by the Washington Redskins who released him after two years. He last played for the Saskatchewan Rough Riders of the Canadian Football League. Colt holds several NCAA Division records including the record for most touchdown passes in a single season.

When was the last game the cowboys played?

On January 2, 2011, the Cowboys defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 14-13 on a last-minute touchdown pass from quarterback Stephen McGee to tight end Jason Witten.

What is the most TD passes Tom Brady has completed in one game?

The most touchdown passes that Tom Brady has completed in a game is 6. The last time he did this was 10/21/2007 against the Miami Dolphins.

How long can a coma last?

It can last until the individual passes away, years or decades.

Who was the most sacked quarterback in the nfl in the last four years?

Peyton Manning Tom Brady

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