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Soccer referees need to have at least played college or youth competitive soccer for a number of years. After this, they take a referee course to receive certification.

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Q: What qualifications are needed to become a soccer referee?
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What qualifications are needed for a referee?

It depends on what type of referee you want to be. I personally am a soccer referee and I took a two day referee course and on the second day you took the test and got the results. very simple. I live in Wisconsin and the referee thing we have here is wisref

How do you become a referee for soccer?

Contact your local football association.

What do you call the referee of soccer?


Can a 13 year old be a soccer referee?

A 13 year old may be a soccer referee.

How many referee needed for a soccer game?

only one is needed but many professional teams use 3, two linesmen and one center.

Who controls the soccer match?

A referee

Where can i train to be a soccer lineman?

To become a linesman or assistant referee, you must go through a refereeing class. You will learn all the rules and be trained as both a center and assistant referee. The classshould be run by your countrie's soccer association.

How does a soccer referee signal the end of a game-?

A soccer referee signals the end of a game by blowing the whistle 3 times.

How do you get soccer license?

like what soccer license if you mean as referee then yes

How do you become a soccer referee?

Learn some of the basic rules and how the game works. Then, contact your local association and ask them about becoming a referee. They will organise training and some games for you to begin with.

What is an assistant referee?

An assistant referee is an official in soccer, previously known as a linesman, whose job it is to assist the referee.

How are the rules enforced in soccer?

The referee's enforce them! :)

Who are the scorers in soccer?

The Referee scores the game.

Who calls a false start in soccer?

It is the referee.

What are the qualifications to become an NAIA Academic All-American in soccer?

3.5 GPA and be awarded Varsity status

What things in soccer the referee should know?

The referee of a soccer match needs to know everything about the game and to be prepared for anything that could be thrown at them.

What is a Class-A soccer referee?

Soccer referees are graded by levels, not by classes. Informally, a referee might be considered "Class A" if they are certified International referees.

What happens if the referee forgot his cards (soccer)?

There are no cards......

Interests and abilities needed to become a pro soccer player?


What qualifications do you need to be a proffessional soccer player?

Be great at soccer.

Where can one find information about soccer referee?

There is a dot net website called Soccer Referee Information or SOCREF. This site is intended to be a source for information for current and aspiring soccer referees.

How old do you have to be to referee a soccer game?

It usually depends on the soccer league you are reffing for, but most of the time you have to be in high school. The age limit is 10. this is to referee a u-8 game. Also you must pass the certification exam. Well, in my town you can be 10 to referee a soccer game. I am 10 and I can referee in Wisconsin.

What does a soccer referee do?

The soccer referee is like the umpire in baseball. They call the fouls and keep time. Try visiting the related link for more information on this.

What are the Duties of the assistance referee in soccer?

The duties of the assistant referee are discribed in Law 6 of the FIFA Laws of the Game. Basically, the Assistant Referee is there to help the Referee

What does the referee do on a soccer field?

looks for fouls and reffs