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Q: What qb has been sacked the most in 2010?
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What qb sacked the least in 2010?

In the NFL, both Eli Manning of the Giants and Peyton Manning of the Colts were sacked 16 times, the fewest of any starting QB for the 2010 season.

How do NFL teams rank in number times the QB has been sacked?

The team with the fewest sacks in #1 the team w/ the most is the worst (#32)

How many times was Matt cassel sacked in 2008?

47 times, the most for a QB in the NFL. The Steelers, Bengals, Lions, and 49ers gave up more sacks as a team than the Patriots but Cassel was the QB sacked the most times in 2008.

Which qb was sacked the most in 2009?

For the 2010 NFL season ... 1) Jay Cutler, Bears - sacked 52 times. 2) Joe Flacco, Ravens - 40. 3) Philip Rivers, Chargers - 38. 4) Donovan McNabb, Redskins - 37. 5) Sam Bradford, Rams and Michael Vick, Eagles and Kyle Orton, Broncos - 34.

Who threw the most interceptions as a QB in 2010?

Unknown, as the 2010 NFL season has not begun yet.

What is it called when a QB gets sacked in his own end zone?

It is a safety and scores 2 points for the other team.

Least sacked QB for NFL 09'?

That was Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts who was sacked 10 times in 571 pass attempts for an average of 1 sack every 57.1 pass attempts.

What QB has been in the most Super Bowls?

Joe Montanna.

Who is the SEC QB with most rushing yards in one season?

cam newton 2010

How many times has Drew Brees been sacked?

According to Database Football, as of the start of the 2007 season Favre had been sacked 424 times. One of those sacks was with Atlanta and 423 with the Packers.

Which NFL quarterback was sacked the most in one game?

Since 1970, three QBs have been sacked a record of 12 times in a single game:2007 Week 4 - Donovan McNabb1985 Week 4 - Warren Moon1980 Week 8 - Bert Jones

What is the onlyposition that can be sacked in football?

Original - QB. Quarterback Amended - Coach, GM, any player commiting an act of gross misconduct...