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Q: What professional sports league reached a tentative agreement with its referees ending a lockout?
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What is an NBA lockout?

When players and team staff fail to come to an agreement with the NBA bosses which leeds to a lockout

What is a 'lockout' in the NBA?

A lockout occurs when there is a failure to agree on a collective bargaining agreement. The result is a shortened, if any, season.

When did the NHL lockout start?

Current lockout began with the expiration of the old CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) on September 16, 2012

When will the NBA lockout end?

The NBA will start in December. They finally signed an agreement.

Does david stern want to have a NBA lockout?

no, but they need an agreement with the players and the nba

How many nhl referees was on the ice in 1970?

Only one per game. He was assisted by two linesmen. The two referee system was adopted after the 2004 lockout.

Why is the NFL having a lockout?

Because the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) expired, so the NFL and NFLPA had to make a new deal, but did not before it expired. Luckily, the lockout is supposed to end on Wednesday!

What professional sports league announced Thursday that part of its season would be canceled due to a lockout?


How do you get your keys out of your cars when the car door is locked?

You need to either break in to your car, or have a professional lockout service do it.

What is a sentence that contains lockout?

It was scary when there was a lockout at school

What is step 4 in USAF lockout and tagout program?


When was Lockout released?

Lockout was released on 04/13/2012.

What was the Production Budget for Lockout?

The Production Budget for Lockout was $20,000,000.

What is the role of a professional sports league commissioner?

Well Gary Bettmans (NHL) job is to lockout the NHL so no one gets to play

What is an NHL lockout?

an nhl lockout is when there is no season or playoffs in a hockey season

How can you use lockout as sentence?

My towing company provides lockout service.

How much money did Lockout gross worldwide?

Lockout grossed $37,307,356 worldwide.

What is the default Windows XP setting for automatic account lockout?

There is no auto account lockout.

What year did the NHL lockout occur?

the lockout in the NHL occurred in 2004-2005 season

How much money did Lockout gross domestically?

Lockout grossed $14,326,865 in the domestic market.

What is the recommended value for the Account lockout threshold item in the account lockout policy?


Has there ever been a NFL lockout?

Not a lockout but there have been to recorded strikes one in 1982, in 1987

What happens if the business and union can not come to an agreement?

If a business and a worker's union cannot come to an agreement, the business might hire other nonunion people to work at the business. This a form of lockout used to make the union bend to the wishes of the business. It can be a very dangerous venture, however.

When was the last professional athlete strike?

The last major sports strike was the 2004-5 NHL lockout. If you don't consider that a strike, then the last was the 1994 MLB strike.

What is the best description of a group lockout tag out?

a lockout/tagout procedure involving two or more authorized workers