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Hockey {NHL} is the most expensive sport but it is very intertaining

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Q: What professional sport costs the most to run?
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What sport do you have to run the most in?


What sport did Skip Bayless play?

he never played any professional sport. he just like to run his mouth like he did. someone please shut him up

What is least likely to be advertised in a professional sports league?

The least sport that would be watch is cricket because you just have to run back and fort the best sport is baseball its more better then the other sport.

Why is soccer the most active sport?

becuse you run

What sport and games run in the Senegal?

Every or most occidental sports

What are five characteristics of a good sport?

5 characteristics of a good sport are run, run, run, run and sweat.

What sport has the least injuries?

baseball is the sport with the least injuries because all you do is run around bases. The most common injury in baseball is a hamstring

What is the difference between short-run costs and long-run costs?

For a given configuration of plant and equipment, short-run costs vary as output varies. The firm can incur long-run costs to change that configuration. This pair of terms is the economist's analogy of the accounting pair, above, variable and fixed costs

Most athletic sport?

basketbal cuz u got to run,jump,backpeddel,ect......

How much is he most expensive flute?

It may run to many thousand if you looking for a professional one.

What sport has the most skills?

football as the foot is the hardest part of your body to use and run with at the same time

Do fixed and variable costs affect short-run marginal cost?

Fixed costs do not affect short-run marginal cost because they are just that- fixed. They are not dependent on quantity when it changes and does not vary directly with the level of output. Variable costs, however, do affect short-run marginal costs.

How long does a baseball game run?

A baseball game has no time limit. The umpire can call a game if he thinks it is going too long. Most go about two and a half hours. Except for Red Sox - Yankee games. They run up to 4 hours long... Baseball is the only professional sport played in the USA without a clock.

What are fixed costs in the long run?

There is no fixed answer because all costs are subject to change in the long-run.

How are thighs used in a sport?

Because just about every single sport, you run and when you run you use your thighs to push off from the ground.

What sport will accelerate your heart rate the most?

running because when you run you breath harder which makes your heart beat more

What is the sport that where you run?


How much does it cost to run Wikipedia?

It costs $25 million annually to run Wikipedia.

Is soccer an endurance sport?

It can be argued that soccer is an endurance sport. Even though it's a timed team sport, players at the international level run up to 7 miles per match. Soccer players are some of the most fit athletes in the world.

How much do dart boards usually cost?

The typical dartboard for home use costs around $15-$40. However, some of the professional boards and designer boards can run as high as $4,000 depending on the model.

How does basketball help people exercise?

you have to run, rump, move back and forth, dribble, it's probably the most activating sport.

How do you play the sport running?

you run

Where is futsal most popular in the us?

As futsal is not yet a national sport, despite its rapid growth, it is difficult to determine where it is most popular. The US national futsal team is coached by Keith Tozer, who lives in southeastern Wisconsin and also helps run a developmental futsal academy youth league in the same area. Tozer is also the Commissioner of the upcoming Professional Futsal League (PFL).

What sport does the term run out belong?

Cricket is an example of one sport where a batsman can be run out. This usually occurs when the wickets (or bails) are struck by the ball when the batsman is out of their crease.

Pros and cons of playing basketball?

There are generally no cons to playing basketball. Unless you are not physically fit and don't like contact or to run, basketball is a fun sport. Most kids tend to point to basketball as their first sport.