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Chad Johnson. He legally changed it back again.

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Q: What professional football player had his name legally changed to Ochocinco?
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Did chad ochocinco change his name legally?

Chad Ochocinco was originally Chad Johnson, but then he LEGALLY changed it to Chad Ochocinco, which is 85 in spanish(85 is Ochocinco's number).

What is Chad ochocinco's last name?

Ochocinco. He legally changed his name. Before that his name was Chad Johnson.

What position does Chad Johnson play for the Cincinnati Bengals?

Technically Chad Johnson does not play for the Cincinnati Bengals, as he had his name legally changed to Ochocinco Johnson, but he is a wide receiver.

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When was Chad Johnson born?

Chad Johnson was born January 9, 1978, and he is now legally named Chad Ochocinco.

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