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Oakland A's & Oakland Raiders

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Q: What professional baseball and football teams share stadiums?
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Where is the lagers t football field in the world?

There are two stadiums in the world that share the record of the world's largest football stadium capacity.One is in Mexico and the other is in Iran.They both have a maximum capacity of approximately 120 000 spectators

What school are the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a professional football team in the National Football League. They are not associated with a school, however they share a stadium with the Pitt Panthers from the University of Pittsburgh.

What nfl teams share stadiums?

Well... The New York Giants share a stadium with the New York Jets. The Oakland Raiders share a stadium with the Oakland Athletics (MLB).

Who is the highest share holder in arsenal football club?


With whom did the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team share the 1970 national title?

They did not share the title, they won outright.

What is the Quest for 31?

The Quest for 31 is the personal crusade of Hans Steiniger to visit all 31 NFL football stadiums and attend a professional football game in each. An avid football fan himself, Hans noted the parallelism between his age and the number of stadiums around the National Football League and challenged himself to travel to each one. Although there are thirty-two franchises, the New York Giants and New York Jets both share Giant Stadium in New Jersey , so there is one less stadium than professional football team. The Quest for 31 stadium experience includes pregame tailgating with fans, the sampling of local cuisine, and sometimes booking a stadium tour. All of which are summarized in a Stadium review that is posted on the web so other fans can arrange the same activities. The Quest for 31 website located at It is the ultimate gameday resource for NFL fans. Fans can check gameday weather, get directions to the stadium, find restaurants near the stadium and check gametimes. Information on booking stadium tours if available is also posted on the website.

Format of professional bio-data?

bio-data details share in market

What 2 professional sports teams do ks and Missouri share?

Royals and Chiefs

Which 2 Italian football teams share a home ground?

Inter Milan and AC Milan both share the San Siro.

Do ac Milan share a football ground with inter Milan?

Yes - the clubs share use of the San Siro Stadium in Milan

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Any generous person having the required information without professional and /or moral obligations not to share the information.

Do Major League baseball players get paid more than any other US sport players?

In the United States, professional sports' salaries in NFL football, MLB baseball and NBA basketball can run into the $20 million per year range. Because baseball players can remain "star" players longer then star players in the two other major sports, there can be a greater tendency to see extremely high salary packages for star performers. As an example, the National League team, Miami Marlins just closed a $327 million, 13 year contract with a 25 year old player on their team. Without a doubt, such a longterm, and expensive salary contract will never be seen by a 25 year old basketball or football star in US professional sports. Each of the three major professional sports will have a certain number of extremely high salary deals. With that said, professional baseball players have a greater chance of having the lion's share of these multi million dollar deals.

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