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Q: What process help control salaries in NFL and NBA?
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How often do NBA players get their salaries?

once a month

Do NBA coaches salaries go against the salary cap?


What are the player salaries of the Oklahoma City thunder nba team?


What are the salaries of assistant NBA coaches?

I heard around 100-150k for college coaches and 575k for NBA coaches.

Highest NBA player salaries?

Kobe Bryant have AA highest salary..24,034.750...

Who is in control of the NBA?

david stern does he is the owner of the nba

What are some of the highest NBA salaries?

Some of the highest salaries are given to the players who have made a name for themselves. Examples are LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, as well as Kobe Bryant.

What are the salaries for front office NBA staff?

The salary of NBA office staff varies between the position & experience. The salary range starts at about $55,000 & goes up to around $220,000.

How much do NBA players gets?

You can find out here:

What NBA player has the largest salary?

2008-2009 salaries: Kevin Garnett (Boston Celtics) has the largest salary in the NBA for 2008-2009 at $24,750,000. ****************************************** labron James (Actually, leBron James has the 27th largest salary in the NBA for 2008-2009, at $14,410,581)

What is the range in NBA salaries?

The NBA's current salary range is from $21,000,000(US Dollars) to $412,718(US Dollars)-The highest paid player in the NBA in the 2007 NBA season is Kevin Garnett of the Minnesota Timberwolves. The league minimum is based on number of years played in the NBA. Currently it is $412,718, this amount is based on 0 years played, rookie status.

Who has made the most money in NBA single season?

The person with the most money in the NBA is Michael Jordan who makes a lot of his extra revenue from Hanes, Fruit of the loom, and Nike. A small percent of his cash actually come from playing in the NBA itself.