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discrimination, and your treated like a joke but prove them wrong and you will be taken seriously!

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What problems do women who take part in traditional women's sports face?

Im not a grown woman but i do play softball and you do face callaging things.

Problems women faced?

problems that the women face,underpreveliged. problems that the women face,underpreveliged.

What problems do women face when playing mean sports?

emotions most likely. like mad ,happy ,angry ,and sad

What problems do today's women face?


What is the traditional dress required for Afghanistan women?

The traditional dress that is required for Afghanistan women is a burqa, an enveloping outer garment. Another part of traditional dress that is required is a face veil.

What problems did women face in the early 1900s?

They were not able to vote.

What problems did women and child laborers face in industrialized America?


What problems do men face at women sports?

Ok, one problem is that the men are going to lose. Another one is that they shouldn't play rough with ladies. Even though they will kick their butts

What is the definition of working women?

women who works for his family and she has to do work for his family and face lot of problems , she face all difficulties just to help her family is called working women.

What can be some problems that a female face having a partner with diabetes?

CAN WOMEN have sex problems sleeping with a man with diabetes

What are some negitive aspects of getting a face lift?

One of the main problems with a traditional face lift is that it is obvious to everyone that you've had one done. You may also encounter problems with pain and swelling.

Is it true that women face bladder problems during pregnancy?

Yes, many women face bladder problems during pregnancy, childbirth and the months that follow because your bladder is just below your uterus, which is expanding to hold your growing baby.

What problems did women face during the great depression?

Men thought that they should stay home but then some women were working outside of there homes

Women leaders do not face the problems as razia sultana faced.What are the reasons for these changes?

they fought against justice.they wanted same right as men had.they wanted equality and so they dont have to face problems.

Why do traditional churches face east?

Traditional churches face east in order to face the rising sun. This is not something that is mandated, it is more of a tradition.

What problems do the Amish face?

what problems to the amish population face

what problems did the maryland colony face?


15 Traditional ways of communication?

seeing people face to face

What problems did the face?

what problems did the face what...? Sorry i don't speak stupid!! speak english!

What problems do Muslim girls face in our society today?

the same problems that every community faces.....for example if in Egypt you face all problems that face Egyptian community .....if in the united states you face the problems that every Muslim faces in that community

What social problems did America face in the 1950's?

distribution of wealth role of women need to conform treatment of minorities

What do Hannya masks symbolize?

Hannya is a representation of a female demon and the rage, scorn, or jealousy of women. Traditionally she has the body of a snake with the traditional Hannya mask as its face.

What problems did Hinduism face?

No problems at all.

Is the north face jackets from Sports Authority real?

yes. Sports Authority has officially affiliated itself with North Face

What are Traditional Paraguay holiday foods?

traditional paraguay holiday food is dog face.