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Q: What pro football team won the most games during the 1970's?
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Was football the most popular sport in the 1970s?


What nfl team won the most games in the 1970s?

The Dallas Cowboys won the most games in 1970s.

Who was the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys for most of the 1970S?

Roger Staubach played 125 games at quarterback for the Cowboys during the 1970s and led them to two Super Bowl victories.

Ticket splitting was most prominent during which decade?


What super bowl football team winner lost the most games during the year?

2011 NY Giants lost 7 games during the season

Are BYU sports tickets sold in family packs during football season?

No they do not as they have no reason to. BYU football games are one of the most popular events in the state and most games will be a sellout so they have no need to discount.

What were the 5 most popular sports played in the 1970s?

soccer, football, basketball, baseball and hockey.

What was the most common government system in Africa during the 1970s?


Which of the follwing contributed most to the fish population dying during the 1970s?


Who has won the most games in college football?

Michigan won the most games

What is the most home runs scored in the World Series in 1970s?

The most home runs by an individual in a World Series during the 1970s was 5 by Reggie Jackson of the New York Yankees during the 1977 World Series. That same series Jackson also hit the most home runs in a single world series game during the 1970s with 3.

What is a football game for the xbox?

There are many Football games for the Xbox 360. The most commonly known are Madden NFL games and NCAA Football.

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