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Steve Young, Hershell Walker,

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Q: What pro football players played in the NFL after the USFL collapsed?
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What does the USFL stand for?

Untied States Football League

What dates were the USFL active in operations?

The United States Football League was only operative for five years, the first matches being played in 1983, they had four active seasons, when they were playing in competitions but the company was bankrupt by 1987 and collapsed with debts over 163 million dollars.

What does usfl stand for?

United States Football League. It was an independent springtime football league that ran 1983 to 1985.

What is Jim Kelly most noted for?

Jim Kelly is most noted for being a former American football quarterback. In USFL he played for the Houston Gamblers and in the NFL he played for the Buffalo Bills.

What football teams did Jim Kelly play for?

Jim Kelly played college football at the University of Miami and played professional ball with the Houston Gamblers of the USFL (1984-1985) and the Buffalo Bills of the NFL (1986-1996). Buffalo Bills

What was the longest American football game ever played?

Longest pro football game, LA Express beats Mich Panthers 27-21 in USFL playoffs, games lasts 93 minutes 33 seconds

Do USFL records count as pro football records?

Since it was considered a professional football league, he records should count as professional records.

How much does a USFL football player make?

Nothing, the league went under in the mid 1980's

Did Donald Trump own an American Football League team?

No, but he did own the USFL's New Jersey Generals.

Where will Michael Vick will end up playing football?

His best bet in the NFL is the San Francisco 49ers. Or play in the USFL.

Who did herschl walker played for?

In the USFL he played for the New Jersey Generals. In the NFL he played for Dallas, Minnesota, Philadelphia, and the New York Giants.

Which artist was once a defensive end for the Oklahoma Drillers a farm team in the now-defunct USFL football league?

Toby Keith

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