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Generally you will need a relevant bachelor or masters degree before you can become a professional career coach, these degrees would be those such as Psychology, sociology or counseling.

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Q: What prerequisites do i need to become a professional career coach?
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How does one become an coach?

you're interested in a career as a professional sports coach, a Bachelor's degree is essential. Courses of study conducive to a career as a professional coach include physical education, sports medicine, nutrition and fitness, sports science, and sports management. Students in these programs will engage in a variety of sports, learning the game and how to coach it.

How did Christian Laettner began his career?

Christian Laettner began his career as an American former professional basketball player, entrepreneur, and a basketball coach. His career now is with the Jacksonville Giants as a coach.

What can you do after retirment from professional soccer?

You can become a coach, a manager, or a scout.

How do you become a Professional Golf Coach?

By being good at coaching golf

How do you become a professional sports coach?

Becoming a professional sports coach takes years of learning. Most start off as a graduate assistant with their college athletics programs.

How do you become a professional track and field athlete?

Practice, patience, and a good coach.

What education do you need to become a professional soccer coach?

Logan Thomson has 13 wains

How would you become a Gymnast at 12-13 years old?

It is a bit late to do gymnastics at a professional level at 12-13 but if you just wanted to do it as a hobby just join your local gym club. But if you wanted a career out of it you could become a gymnastics coach or something similar.

What education or training do you need to become a professional soccer coach?

A bachelor's degree A bachelor's degree

How do you become a professional soccer coach?

You need coaching certificates and need to be good . Better teams will get you.

Did Jimmy Duggan play or coach baseball in San Antonio Texas?

Jim Duggan did not coach or play baseball in San Antonio, Texas. He is known for his career as a professional wrestler, and he is from New York.

What courses do I take for career coach?

From what I have found, most career coaches are unregulated and do not need any training to call themselves a career coach. Many people have regular jobs and can be informally known as a career coach.

Where would one go to train to become a professional tennis player?

There are many places where one could go to train to become a professional tennis player. One could go find a mentor or coach and just practice until they are at the professional level.

How do you become a professional boxer?

A professional boxer begins by taking up the sport. Practice at home and/or at a gym is a first step. Some kind of "lessons" or training are needed, and this will allow a young fighter to "work his way up" as he grows up. Some schools actually have boxing incorporated in their sports programs. The practice, the training and the matches a youth participates in will allow him to be noticed as he grows and becomes more skilled. At some point, a trainer or coach or even someone who manages fighters will identify the youth as someone with enough talent to have a shot at a professional career. It might also be that the trainer or coach will tell a fighter that a professional career is not in the fighter's future.

How do you become a professional soccer player at 14 years old?

be extremely good at soccer and get noticed by a college coach

What are the careers related to professional track?

A career could be professional coach for a specific event. Another could be an official. You could also make a living by being a runner. There is also the option of being a physician.

What is the purpose of a career coach?

The purpose of a career coach is to assist individuals in finding a career and achieving goals along that career path. Career coaches are trained in assessing individuals and helping them to identify a fulfilling career path.

Where can one study to be a life coach?

One can study to become a life coach in the United States through the International Coach Federation. The International Coach Federation does training to certify you as a Certified Master Coach and also a Master Professional Coach. The International Coach Federation is the most well known and respected training center currently available.

Who is the highest paid professional football coach?

The highest paid professional football coach is- ur dad when he is horny

What are some professional areas related to basketball?

Some professions that involve basketball are.. You could become a professional player(that is very very hard to do) you could become a coach for a team, of you could become a basketball trainer. There are also many other professions in basketball you could have.

Which teams did Javier Aguirre coach in his career?

Javier Aguirre was a coach to many different teams in his career. He was the coach of the Mexican national football team and well as for the Madrid team.

Can you become a professional soccer player by playing club soccer at your college?

Yes, If you have soccer teachers that are professional coaches or coach state representative teams then yes PS. But only if you are EXTREMELY good

Do you have to play soccer in college for a professional soccer coach to find you?

No you have to be good for a professional coach to find you a professional coach also might even find you if you've been on the JV team or varsity team or if you got into college on a scholar for your soccer skills! :)

Who is Natalie nakase?

Coach of the Saitama Broncos, a professional basketball team in Japan. She is the first female to coach a professional men's basketball team.

Being Honest With A Career Coach ?

When using a career coach to help decide what course of action to take, one of the most common mistakes that can be made is to not supply the coach with accurate and honest information. The coach can only be as effective as the information that is provided. For this reason, answering questions honestly and bluntly is the best policy. With accurate information, the career coach can help to isolate the exact steps necessary to advance or change the current career path.