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All of the Premier League manager get paid.

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Q: What premiership managers get paid?
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What current premiership player has played under 16 premiership managers?

Shay given

Who is only current premiership player to play under 16 different premiership managers?

Shay Given

What premiership club has had the most managers?

Newcastle United

How many scottish managers have been the premiership?


Are hospice managers paid?

Yes, hospice managers are paid.

How many player managers have there been in the premiership?

20 20

what player has played under the most premiership managers?

andy cole

How many premiership managers not in original post from start of season?


English premiership managers surnames beginning with t?

None at the moment.

How many current premiership managers has Alex Ferguson managed?


Who is only current premiership player to play for 16 managers?

Shay Given

What England managers have won the Premier League?

No English manager has won the Premiership

Can you name 3 managers who have managed four premiership teams?

Jog onnnnnnnnn

How much are the Taco Bell managers paid?

the taco bell managers are paid about 900,000,000,000,000,000,000 every hour

How many Current premiership and football league managers who have managed international sides?


Who is the highest paid footballer in the english premiership?

Yaya Toure is paid £220,000 a week

Who is the highest paid premiership player?

yaya toure

Who is the highiest paid footballer in the premiership?

Wayne Rooney.

Name 4 Italian managers who have managed premiership teams?

lombardo, vialli, ranieri, zola

How many managers have arsenal had since the premiership started?

Arseme Wenger 1996 and one earlier .

How much do Taco Bell managers get paid?

Managers get about $20 an hour

Who is the highest paid footballer in English premiership 2012?


Who is the highest paid footballer in premiership league?

Yaya toure

Who is the current highest paid footballer?

In the Premiership Its Wanye Rooney

Who is the highest paid footballer weekly in the English premiership?