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Craig Bellamy has Scored for:

Coventry - 2000-2001

Newcastle - 2001-2005

Blackburn Rovers - 2005-2006

Liverpool - 2006-2007

West Ham - 2007-2009

Man City - 2009-2011

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1996-2000 : Norwich

2000-2001 : Coventry

2001-2005 : Newcastle

2005-2006 : Blackburn

2006-2007 : Liverpool

2007-2009 : West Ham

2009- : Man City.

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Q: What premier league sides has Craig Bellamy played for?
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Who are famous premier league players who do charity?

craig bellamy is one

Name 3 players currently playing in premier league who have played for 6 or more premier league clubs?

Andy cole Marcus bent Craig bellamy

Which players have played for 6 different premier league teams?

nick barmby.Andy cole Craig bellamy..les Ferdinand Marcus bent

What players currently playing in the English premier league have scored in an old firm derby?

Peter Lovenkrands, Stilian Petrov, Mark Viduka, Craig Bellamy

How many clubs did Craig Bellamy play for in champs league?


How many players have scored for 6 different premier league teams?

Craig Bellamy is the only one. he scored for Coventry, Newcastle, Blackburn, Liverpool, West Ham and Man City

When did Craig bellamy start coaching Melbourne storm?

Rugby league football coach Craig Bellamy began coaching Melbourne Storm at the beginnning of the 2003 season.

Who played for Manchester city Liverpool and Celtic?

Craig Bellamy

How tall is Craig Bellamy?

Craig Bellamy is 5' 9".

Name as many players as u can that have played in the champions league with two or more English premier league teams?

Juan Sebastian Veron (Manchester United and Chelsea) Craig Bellamy (Newcastle and Liverpool) Ashley Cole (Arsenal and Chelsea) William Gallas (Chelsea and Arsenal) Alan Shearer (Blackburn and Newcastle)

Where was Craig Bellamy born?

Craig Bellamy was born in Cardiff, Wales.

What is Craig Bellamy famous for?

Craig Bellamy is a football player for Cardiff City and the Welsh national team. He is most famous for his career championship wins including the Scottish Cup and League Cup.