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No wc held in 2011

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โˆ™ 2011-11-12 05:03:11
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Q: What positive changes happened during the world cup in 2011?
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What was one of the population changes occurred during World War 1?

population changes occurred during World War I?

What were the positive changes that happen after world war 1?


What social changes occurred during World War 2?

One of the social changes that occurred during World War 2 happened in fashion. Since wool and cotton needed to be preserved, dresses became shorter. There was also an increase in urbanization since the war set families in motion which led to more city dwellers.

What changes happened in Asian countries after World War 1?

ww1 was fought in Europe there was not much significant changes in the rest of the world

What action happened during Woodrow Wilson's administration?

World War I happened during the Wilson Administration.

What happened in the sea during 1914 and 1918?

World War one happened!

When did Romania during World War I happen?

Romania during World War I happened in 1916-08.

Who made a positive change for the world?

Many people made positive changes in the world but i think the greatest examples would be Martian Luther king Jr., Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi they made these changes by standing up for what is right and they don't stop believing in what they do

What was the positive impact of the Hundred Years' War?

Many believe it was the religious revival that happened during the war. Other advancements happened furthering the religious revival like the increase of religious leaders in politics, the peoples beliefs, and the influence of western Europe to the known world.

What happened during the South African World Cup Final 1995?

Nothing happened in the 1995, as there was no world cup that year.

What happened during the yalta conference during world war 2?


What happened to Danes during World War 2?

Denmark was occupied by Germany during World War 2

What big event happened in America during world war 1?

One big event that happened in America during World War 1 was that the economy started to improve. Industry also picked up during this time.

What happened during December 11939 during world war 2?

In 1939, The World War II itself began.

Was evacuation is a positive experienced during world war 2?


What was Italy's economic condition during world war 2?


What happened during the early weeks of the world war 1?

what happened in the early weeks of the war

What happened to the Soviet Union during world war ll?

It happened that the germany they have to pay big bill after world war 1 and now for world war ll

What world events happened during Albert Einstein's life?

the world war 2!

What happened at Leningrad during World War I?

There was no Leningrad during World War One, at that time under the Tsar it was Saint Petersburg.

What happened exactly during World War 2?


What happened during 1914-1918?

The First World War

What happened in curacao during world war 2?


What happened in Panzar during World War 2?


What happened during the time of the holocaust?

World War II