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outside linebacker

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Q: What position would I play in football?
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What football position would Homer Simpson play?


What football position would a 200 lbs 5'9 person play?

Play fullback

What position would lebron James play in football?

wide receiver

What football position is responsible for distributing the football?

that would be the Quarterback. although the center distributes the ball to him before every play

What position would you play if you were number 88 in college football?

i think wide reciever

What football position should i play im 5'11 and150 pounds what would be good for me?


What high school football position should you play at 220 and 6ft 2?

widereceiver you would be a beast

Should you play football if you jammed your finger?

It depends on how bad the injury is and your position. If you are a lineman it would be okay.

Can a girl try out for freshman high school football If so what position should she play?

if you play soccer, I would suggest the kicker, but if not, I would say the wide receiver

How can a center in football get a touchdown?

One instance where that position would be able to score a touchdown would be in the case of a fumble, since centers are not allowed to have the football thrown to them, or if their is a trick play performed such as a fumble rooski, a play which was established by Nebraska.

If you are sacked what sport and position did you play?

You are in football and play quarterback

How do you play guard position?

In Football or in Basketball??

What position McNabb play in football?


F your 6ft what position should be in American football?

well your height does not really tell you what position you will play. What is your weight, age group, are you fast slow? cant you catch. All i can say is if your 6ft tall you can almost play any position. If you 6ft 250 pounds I would say a O or D line position would be best, but if your 6ft 165lbs. i would suggest that you would play a running back, defenssive back . Basiclly if you are just starting and looking for a position i would ask your coach.

What high school football position should you play at 160 pounds and 5'9?

I would say wide receiver or cornerback

What football position should I play if I am 5'9 and 170lbs?

You should play the position that best suits your team's and your coach's needs.

What football position position did LaRon Landry play in high school?

Quarterback and Safety

What position in football does Peyton Manning play?


What position Marvin Humes play in football?


What football position should you play?

Quarter Back

What position did jay berwanger play in football?

He was a halfback.

What position does Aaron Rodgers play in football?


What position did Michael Strahan play in NFL football?

Left tackle

If you can call an audible what sport and position are you playing?

You would be the Quarterback on a football team. An audible is where the Quarterback calls a new play while on the field, ready for the next play.

What position would a person that is 5'9 and weigh 230 pounds play in football?

That sounds like good measurements for a place kicker.