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AnswerThere are too many factors to say which position is more important. A solid fullback can make an average tailback look better than he is. But, a solid tailback can make an average fullback look better as well. It works both ways.
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Q: What position is more important fullback or tailback?
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What is the difference between a halfback and a runningback?

Usually the difference between the 2 running back- halfback are the running back gets to be a receiver more than the fullback. The running back also gets to block more. The halfback or the tailback gets to run a lot more balls than the running back.

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yes it does matter! you should try to play a position that suits ur ability best. for instance if your a really good shooter than you should be a forward(striker) cuz they are the ones that usually score the goals and shoot. but if you are good at defending ppl more than you are at handling the ball then you should be a defender(fullback) hope that helps!


In the nfl, it is required that you have at least 2 of every position, except punters, kickers, and fullbacks, where you only need 1 of them. This is the bare minimum, so you can have more of those positions

What is the average speed for a high school fullback?

well a good 5.00 on your 40's can be decent for a fullback depending on your size but something to keep in mind is what style of fullback the coaches want. maybe coaches are gonna want a strong bulky guy that can block very good and is somewhat fast or a fast guy that's gonna be good at running the ball a little more it can all vary on the coaches desire but yes a good speed can be 5.00.

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