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Goalie means she plays in the back of the goal catching the soccer balls from going in

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Q: What position in soccer does hope solo play?
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Where does hope solo play?

hope solo plays soccer in goal.

When did hope solo start playing soccer?

Hope started to play soccer at age 5.

What sports does hope solo play?

soccer in goal

Did Hope Solo ever play basketball?

Hope Solo did play basketball and playing the sport in college was an idea she had along with being a field player in soccer

Did hope solo play soccer as a child?

Yes, her parents set up goals at each end of her crib.

How old was Hope Solo when started playing soccer?

Hope was 5 when she started playing soccer

What does Hope Solo do when she's not playing soccer?

She hangs out with her BFF - Han Solo

What are Hope Solo's hobbies?

playing soccer

What team will Hope Solo be on for the new Womens Soccer League?

Hope Solo will be on the St. Louis Team as startng Goalkeeper Hope Solo will be on the St. Louis Team as startng Goalkeeper

What is Hope Solo's rank in soccer?

I would give hope solo a 9 from 1 being the worst and ten being the best

What has the author Hope Solo written?

Hope Solo has written: 'Solo' -- subject(s): Women soccer players, Biography 'Hope Solo' -- subject(s): Women soccer players, JUVENILE NONFICTION / Sports & Recreation / Soccer, Juvenile literature, JUVENILE NONFICTION / Biography & Autobiography / Sports & Recreation, Soccer goalkeepers, JUVENILE NONFICTION / Sports & Recreation / Olympics, Biography

Who is a famous female soccer goalie?

From the WUSA Hope Solo

Who is considered the best womens soccer goalie?

Hope Solo

Who is the goalie for theUS soccer team for women?

hope solo

When did hope Solo join the US soccer team?

Female American soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo made her first full international cap on April 5, 2000, in an 8 - 0 victory over Iceland.

What is the women's national soccer team's goalie named?

hope solo

What did hope solo do for a living?

She plays soccer and other athletic activities, and she is a gold medalist.

When did hope solo start playing professional soccer?

Professionally she started in 2003

Who is hope solo?

Hope solo is an american goalie for the women's soccer team, helping win gold in the world cup and the olympics. She is claimed to be one of the world's best goalie.

Who is the best woman soccer goalies?

Briana Scurry Hope Solo.

What are hope solo's accomplishments?

is to be the best soccer palyer in the world and the best goalkeeper in the world

Who is the best soccer goalie of all time?

Hope solo she is really good. And she is super fast

What team does hope solo play for?

Magic jack

Who is a famous female soccer player?

Hope Solo : she is one of the stars on abc's dancing with the stars . she is a goalie . u can find more info at

Can you send a soccer ball to hope solo to autograph?

Very doubtful. You would have to find out her real address... And that just sounds creepy.