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Whoever calls for the fly ball should get it, but the shortstop controls the infield and the center fielder controls the outfield. An outfielder can call an infielder off of a fly ball too because it is easier to come in on a fly ball than to go out.

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Q: What position has priority over all other players for a fly ball?
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What sport can form a scum?

Players piling on each other to move the ball and or gain position for themselves forms a scrum in the game of rugby.

What form can form a scum?

Players piling on each other to move the ball and or gain position for themselves forms a scrum in the game of Rugby.

What position is the person that makes the serve in volleyball?

The player in the "1" position on the court serves the ball. But, because of the rotation multiple players serve the ball over the course of the game.

What should a golfer do when they hit the ball towards the other players?

The tradition is to warn other players by calling "Fore!"

Why do they have to dribble the ball?

So they can go around other players.

When was Players Ball created?

Players Ball was created in 1974.

When is the ball offside in English football?

The ball cannot be offside. Players can be in an offside position.

When a bunt where do players move to cover?

They don't. Basically, what the players do is they try and field the ball like in any other play.

How important is each position on a baseball field?

Each position is very important on the field. The short stop is most important because most balls are hit toward them so that position should contain the most intelligent and best player. All the players should be able to catch, throw, and all the other obvious ways just in case the ball is hit to them. There is any chance the ball will go everywhere so make sure you have good players in all positions at all times.

What is rotation in volleyball?

You rotate in a clockwise direction one position every time you get the ball to serve. Although, once you get better and have a specified position, rotation gets more complicated so that players play their position.

What is penalty for violating rule 4.03c in baseball?

Rule 4.03c deals with all players except the pitcher and the catcher being in fair territory before the ball is put into play. There is no penalty for violating this rule, but, an observant umpire will stop play and require the player or players to move to a legal position before putting the ball into play. Should a player or players be in an illegal position when the ball is put into play, the umpire shall call the ensuing play "dead" as if it did not occure.

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