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Q: What position does a professional soccer player play if he is wearing the number 6 jersey?
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What position does a professional soccer player play if he is wearing the number 10 jersey?

Usually attacking midfield, the "number 10" is usually the most dynamic player on his respective team

What position in a rugby team does the person wearing jersey number two play?


What position does All Black Richard McCaw play?

Richie McCaw plays 0penside flanker wearing the number 7 jersey

What was messi's original jersey number?

On his first goal scored for Barca he was wearing the number 30 jersey. He also appears in photos wearing the number 19 jersey before taking the number 10 jersey in 2008 upon the departure of Ronaldinho.

Which Indian cricket player wears jersey number 5?

Rahul Dravid was wearing the jersey number 5.

Who is wearing jersey number 10 in IPL?

Sachin Tendulkar

Who is wearing Manchester United Number 7 Jersey now?

no body

Jersey number fifty two?

No player is currently wearing # 52 on Detroit.

Who was University of Michigan quarterback wearing jersey number 14?

Brian greise

What number will dez Bryant wear with Dallas?

He is currently wearing jersey number 88 with the Dallas Cowboys.

What professional soccer players have jersey number 00?

Johnson Wilson

The boy imitated his favorite pro football player by wearing a jersey with his number?


Who wears Manchester United's number 12 jersey?

Since transferring from Fulham in July 2010, Chris Smalling has been wearing the number 12 jersey at Manchester United.

What good professional soccer player has the jersey number 9?

Fernando Torres.

Which Chicago Bears have worn jersey number 90?

Julius Peppers is currently wearing number 90 for the Chicago Bears.

What was garrinchas jersey number?

During the 1958 World Cup Garrincha's official jersey number was 7. Though there is footage of him also wearing the number 11 in other international games for Brazil though number 7 is what he is remembered by.

Who wears jersey number 10 in Italy?

Antonio Cassano is wearing No.10 right now.

What professional soccer player wears jersey number 17?

Nani of Manchester United

What position in a rugby team does the person wearing jersey number thirteen play?

Depends on local tradition. Most places I have seen (Philadephia PA) 13 is worn by the outside center. It could however be one of the back wings.

What number represents the small forward position?

If you are talking bout what number out of the 5 positions suits the small forward position it is the number 3. but if you are talking bout what jersey number you have to look at the nba jersey number but i would say the best number to suit a small forward is any number from 10 to 25 but i would say about 12 or 14

In 1963 5 professional sportsmen won the MVP for their respective sport wearing the same number what number did they wear?

# 32

Who has worn the no 6 shirt for arsenal?

Currently Laurent Koscielny is wearing the number 6 jersey for Arsenal.

What is the jersey number of Alfonso Thomas?

Alfonso Thomas is a professional cricket player. Thomas played for the Somerset County Cricket Club and began his career in 1988. His jersey number was 8.

What position in rugby would wear number 16 reserve jersey?

Reseves can occupy and number. However the number 16 jersey is usually occupied by a player in the front row, more commonly by a hooker

Who on the Utah Utes football team has number 3 on their jersey?

Brian Johnson is number 3, position, QB