What position does Troy Kropog play?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Troy Kropog plays Offensive Line for the New York Giants.

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Q: What position does Troy Kropog play?
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What NFL team does Troy Kropog play for?

Troy Kropog plays for the New York Giants.

What college did NFL player Troy Kropog play for?

NFL player Troy Kropog played for Tulane.

When was Troy Kropog born?

Troy Kropog was born on 1986-07-31.

How tall is Troy Kropog?

NFL player Troy Kropog is 6'-06''.

How old is Troy Kropog?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season Troy Kropog is 27 years old.

How much does NFL player Troy Kropog weigh?

NFL player Troy Kropog weighs 295 pounds.

Which NFL team drafted Troy kropog?

Tennessee Titans in the 4th round of the 2009 NFL draft.

Who wore number 70 for the Tennessee Titans?

Tyrone Calico a couple years ago

What position does Troy Tulowitzki play?

Troy Tulowitzki is a short stop for the Colorado Rockies.

What position does Troy Patton play?

Troy Daniels plays shooting guard for the Houston Rockets.