What position does Steven Hauschka play?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Steven Hauschka plays Place Kicker for the Seattle Seahawks.

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Q: What position does Steven Hauschka play?
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What NFL team does Steven Hauschka play for?

Steven Hauschka plays for the Seattle Seahawks.

What college did NFL player Steven Hauschka play for?

NFL player Steven Hauschka played for North Carolina State.

What is the birth name of Steven Hauschka?

Steven Hauschka's birth name is Stephen Theodore Hauschka.

When was Steven Hauschka born?

Steven Hauschka was born in 1986, in USA.

How tall is Steven Hauschka?

NFL player Steven Hauschka is 6'-04''.

What is Steven Hauschka's number on the Seattle Seahawks?

Steven Hauschka is number 4 on the Seattle Seahawks.

How old is Steven Hauschka?

Steven Hauschka is 32 years old (birthdate June 29, 1985).

How much does NFL player Steven Hauschka weigh?

NFL player Steven Hauschka weighs 210 pounds.

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