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Sergio Romero plays as a Goal Keeper for Argentina.

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Q: What position does Sergio Romero play?
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For what club does Sergio Romero play?

As of June 2014, Sergio Romero plays for AS Monaco, a club in France.

For what country did Sergio Romero play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Sergio Romero played for Argentina in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

When was Sergio Romero born?

Sergio Romero was born on 1987-02-22.

How old is Sergio Romero?

Sergio Romero is 30 years old (born February 22, 1987).

What position does Sergio Busquets play?

Sergio Busquets plays as a Midfielder for Spain.

What position does Sergio Agรผero play?

Sergio Agüero plays as a Forward for Argentina.

What position does Stefen Romero play?

Stefen Romero is a right fielder for the Seattle Mariners.

What position does Sergio Brown play?

Sergio Brown plays Safety for the Indianapolis Colts.

What position does sergio ramos play in soccer?


What position does Enny Romero play?

Enny Romero is a starting pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays.

What position does Sergio Castillo play?

Sergio Castillo plays Place Kicker for the Atlanta Falcons.

What position does Sergio Romo play?

Sergio Romo is a relief pitcher for the San Fancisco Giants.

What position does Sergio Santos play?

Sergio Santos is a relief pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Who is Argentina's goal keeper?

Sergio Romero

What is the name of Argentina goalkeeper?

Sergio Romero

What did sergio romero do?

He felt in love with franceska lol =)

What number did Sergio Romero wear in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Sergio Romero wore jersey number 1 in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

How many games had Sergio Romero played with Argentina before the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Sergio Romero had played 47 times for Argentina before the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Who is Sergio play back left in Barcelona?

Sergio Busquets.

What football clubs does Sergio Aguero currently play for?

Sergio Aguero currently plays in the football club Manchester City and has the number 16. He is playing in the position of the Striker and joined the team in 2011.

Who is the youngest player to play in the ryder cup?

Sergio Garcia

What MLB team does Stefen Romero play for?

Stefen Romero plays for the Seattle Mariners.

Who is Craig Romero?

Craig Romero is an internet businessman. Currently he holds the position of CEO at the company Search Engine Corp.

What NFL team does Sergio Castillo play for?

Sergio Castillo plays for the Atlanta Falcons.

What NFL team does Sergio Brown play for?

Sergio Brown plays for the Indianapolis Colts.