What position does Marcus Cannon play?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Marcus Cannon plays Offensive Line for the England Patriots.

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Q: What position does Marcus Cannon play?
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What NFL team does Marcus Cannon play for?

Marcus Cannon plays for the England Patriots.

What college did NFL player Marcus Cannon play for?

NFL player Marcus Cannon played for Texas Christian.

How tall is Marcus Cannon?

NFL player Marcus Cannon is 6'-05''.

When was Marcus Cannon born?

Marcus Cannon was born on 1988-05-06.

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Marcus Kruger plays center for the Chicago Blackhawks.

What position does Marcus Johansson play?

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What position does Marcus Burley play?

Marcus Burley plays Cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts.

What position does Marcus Trice play?

Marcus Trice plays Safety for the Chicago Bears.

What is Marcus Cannon's number on the England Patriots?

Marcus Cannon is number 61 on the England Patriots.

What position does Marcus Foligno play?

Marcus Foligno plays left wing for the Buffalo Sabres.

What position does Marcus Roberson play?

Marcus Roberson plays Cornerback for the St. Louis Rams.

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