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short stop

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Q: What position does Justin bieber play in basketball?
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Does justin bieber play basketball?

yes, he is

What sports did Justin Bieber play when he was a kid?

Justin Bieber played hockey and basketball when he was younger.

What sports does Justin Bieber not play?

The only sports Justin Bieber plays is Hockey, Soccer, and basketball.

What sports does Justin Bieber play?

Justin Bieber plays basketball, golf, hockey, and soccer. He also bikes and skateboards.

What kind of sports does Justin Bieber play?

soccer basketball hockey

Justin Bieber is a taekwando?

Unfortunately, he ain't a taekwondo. He play basketball.

What sports dose Justin bieber like to play?

Hockey and basketball

What sport don't Justin bieber play?

Justin Bieber plays soccer and basketball mostly. Sometimes he plays baseball but not really.

What sports did Justin Bieber used to play?

He used to play hockey - he still plays that and basketball.

What position does Justin Bieber play in hockey?

He doesn't play, he's not athletic at all.

Does Justin Bieber play football?

No, he plays hockey and basketball and does a lot of soccer tricks.

What does Justin Bieber like to do for fun?

play basketball, hangout with friends, watch movies.

Did Justin bieber play basketball?

yes he was in the nba allstars celebrity game and he was good at it

Does Justin Bieber play on NBA basketball team?

yes he did play on the NBA team and he was playing on TV

What sport did Justin Bieber play?

He plays Basketball. And in his movie when he was little I guess he play tee-ball

What is Justin biebers favorite sport to play besides hockey?

Justin Bieber's other favorite sport is basketball.

What is Justin Bieber like to do if he have no song?

play basketball, watch movies. play sports, (basketball, ice hockey) hang out with friends and family

What did Justin bieber like to do in the free time?

Justin likes to hang out with his buds, play video games, and play sports such as Basketball and hockey!

What sport did Justin Bieber play with his best friend?

He played football in Spain and in 2010 (on The Diary of Justin Bieber) he played basketball with Ryan Butler at a gym

What sport does Justin Bieber play?

He plays alot of sports such as, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball.

What can Justin Bieber play?

Justin Bieber can play the drums, guitar, piano and trumpet

What kind of sport does Justin Bieber play?

Justin Bieber does not play sports, he is a singer.

What are all of the sports that Justin Bieber plays?

Some sports he likes to play are basketball, golf and skateboarding

What is Justin Bieber fav thing to do when not singing?

play basketball and hockey, watch movies, hangout with friends

Does Justin bieber run track?

No, he used to play hockey, basketball, soccer, and a little baseball when he was little :)